Penta Technology became an authorized distributor of the industrial printing solution Printronix

Penta Technology became an authorized distributor of the industrial printing solution Printronix
30 October 2019

Penta Technology, which has been distributing information technology products, especially computer, software and hardware for 29 years, became an authorized distributor of Printronix in Turkey. Printronix is one of the world leaders in industrial printing solutions.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Penta is one of Turkey's leading value-added technology distributor of Technology in the field of industrial printing solutions, Printronix product of the world's largest brand was authorized distributors in Turkey. Under the contract signed Penta Technology, Printronix and TallyGenicom line (line matrix) as well as printers, dot matrix (serial dot matrix) will assume the distributor in Turkey at the printer model.

Printronix printers, which cater to different sectors such as production, logistics, FMCG and banking, are also widely used. Printronix printers, which are used for printing needs of different sizes such as invoice, waybill, product labels, barcode printing, from production to sales, from accounting to purchasing, provide both time saving and cost advantages.

Printronix printers do not need special air-conditioning environments (humidity, dust, temperature), so they can work reliably, ensuring high-quality printing at all times, even in difficult environments without climate control. Printronix offers line printers for high volume printing; for more medium-sized printing needs, it offers dot matrix printer models as the most suitable option. Printronix technology influencers Penta after the cooperation is expected to expand its activities in Turkey's market.

The goal is to meet Printronix with more customers

Fatih Erünsal, Assistant General Manager in charge of Sales and Marketing of Penta Technology who stated that they want to deliver the Printronix brand to more customers, said: Pioneer in the field of industrial printing Printronix offers cost-effective and durable products that provide fast and high-quality printing, especially in manufacturing, automotive and food manufacturers and logistics. With our expert team and widespread partner channel, we aim to reach our customers in different scales and sectors with Printronix products and strengthen Printronix's presence in the market. In addition, our Penta Printing Technologies Center, equipped with high-tech printer solutions, offers both business partners and customers of our business partners the opportunity to experience Printronix products before sales. ”

Rosemarie Zito, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Printronix EMEA, was delighted to see Penta Technology as our authorized distributor. Having a tremendous background in creating nationwide dealerships will greatly support the spread of our business solutions. We believe that Penta Technology will support our customers in the best way to deliver our solutions. Belirt

About Penta Technology

Penta Technologies foundations laid in 1990, today the most advanced and rapid global deployment of local art, secure, and performing flawlessly, the company is one of Turkey's leading value-added distributor of technology. Today over 40 global brands Penta makes the Turkey distributor of technology, value-added distributor with the valuable direction of digitization and innovative investments that stand out. Penta Technology continues to strengthen its dealer channel by developing projects that will make business partners more efficient, profitable and competitive with its technological infrastructure, operational efficiency, financial solutions, strong supply chain management and value-added services. In 2011, Penta Technology joined Yıldız Holding as a strategic partnership with Mersa Sistem, one of the leading names in technology distribution. At the end of 2012, Penta Technology merged under the name of Penta Technology. Penta Technology, Medyasoft, Ekip Elektronik, Beyaz İletişim, Digital Graphics and Exper Bilgisayar were added to the sector in 2013-2017 in line with the target of sector leadership and strategy to invest in value-added distribution. Penta Technologies today is Turkey's 3rd largest IT company.

About Printronix

Founded in 1974 in Irvine, California, Printronix is ​​one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial printing solutions, offering the highest quality line and dot matrix printers. It offers high reliability and cost-effective printing solutions with the toughest printer, supplies, service and parts options for demanding environments. Printronix and TallyGenicom, two of the most reliable brands in the industrial printing industry, are used in production, logistics, retail, food and beverage, banking, government agencies and other businesses worldwide.