European cheese master ‘Président’ stepped into Turkey market

European cheese master ‘Président’ stepped into Turkey market
25 October 2019

Turkey's largest producer of milk and dairy products, Ak Gıda, began producing Europe's leading cheese brand, Président, in Turkey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Founded in 1933, European Président cheese master, took place on the shelves in October with the reputation of Turkey entering the market. Turkey's largest producer of milk and dairy products marketed by Ak Gıda brands manufactured in Turkey; In the first stage, Kashar, Cheddar and Gouda 3 types of cheese presented to consumers. Ak Gıda, cheese at 85 years of expertise and quality in the world with production standards for different kinds of Président cheese brands with new products in the coming period, Turkey aims to offer the market.

“Private production line was established and 15 million TL investment was made.”

For this project, stating that they are working since 2017 Ak Gıda CEO Ali Sozen, "which is one of Europe's most popular cheese brands Président, as a result of two years of work to achieve production in Turkey is very valuable for us. European cheeses produced mainly in western countries; Turkey can also be produced to show the same taste and sophistication in terms of emphasizing the point that it will be a good example of the Turkish Dairy Industry. With domestic production, we established a special production line to bring Président products to the market and took our standardization and automation techniques one step further. In the first stage, we made an investment of 15 million TL in the whole technical infrastructure and launch process. After 2 years of effort, Président branded cheeses were included in all national and local market chains as of October ”.

“With its delicacies, we will offer different usage experiences that will enable the cheese to be consumed with pleasure other than breakfast”

Saying that Président cheeses are produced in 100 countries around the world and offered for sale in more than 160 countries, Sözen said, “When we say Président, we are talking about 85 years of experience, cheese craftsmanship and a taste that is accepted by the world. The President's varieties, which take their flavor right from the heart of the cheese, are expertly produced and have very special tastes. ” The product portfolio equivalent to European flavors; Taking into consideration the taste and preferences of the Turkish consumer, he added that they choose from moderately aromatic and ripe cheese for a certain period of time.

"92% of the cheese consumed at breakfast in Turkey," said Sozen, "Our goal is cheese, as well as making toast and breakfast, for other meals during the day to gain the habit of consuming too. Président cheeses, which can be consumed at any time of the day as a healthy snack; sandwiches and your extra flavor while adding to your food, your guests special presentations will flavor, "he said and added he continued:" These types of cheeses available as an import in Turkey but is relatively high price because it is imported, and despite the admiration consumption would remain limited. In our production facilities, with our domestic production, the products will be much more economical and accessible.”

About Président:
Founded by Andre Besnier in 1933 in Laval, France, Président, one of the world's leading cheese producers, operates within the Group Lactalis. Over 85 years of craftsmanship and tradition meet in Président products.

About Ak Gıda:
Founded in 1996, Ak Gıda, with 6 production facilities and 5 thousand tons of daily milk processing capacity, Turkey's milk and dairy products operate as the largest company in the sector. Ak Gıda's journey, which started with UHT milk, yogurt, white and kashar cheese production, continues today with about 330 products ranging from cottage cheese to creamy pan yogurt and kefir to milk desserts.