Provision Announced Two Top-Level Appointment

Provision Announced Two Top-Level Appointment
25 October 2019

"Provision" that provides end-to-end software solutions for payment systems, is being restructured within the scope of its domestic and international targets.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Providing services in the payment systems sector for 15 years, Provision has made new appointments in its senior staff in order to strengthen the growth momentum that it has achieved with its brand change and renewed vision. Yasin Kenç was appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Provision and Meltem Öner was the new Operations Director of the company. Recently, Provision has become prominent in the payment technology sector with its digital solutions such as mobile payment methods, SoftPOS and contactless payment infrastructure HCE (Host Card Emulation).

Yasin Kenç will manage the overseas strategy

Yasin Kenç, who has been working in card systems and financial technologies for many years, will lead the institutionalization of Agile & DevSecOps processes within the company in accordance with the globalization strategy of product quality. Finally ING Payment Systems Information Technologies in Turkey Yasin Kenç executive who previously worked as a manager Verisoft under the roof. In Turkey "cashless society" to meet the target Yasin, who led the project with technology Kenç our country, the HCA and SoftPOS technology also contribute to the increased use of these technologies while also led to the first time.

Operation team entrusted to Meltem Öner

Meltem Öner started her career in payment systems as a Project Manager at Provision in 2012. During this period, she took part in the payment systems transformation projects realized by many banks and financial institutions as well as the certification processes of digital products. Meltem Öner, who has made significant contributions to the growth of the company, will undertake the sales and after-sales support management in addition to the project office management in her new position and will increase the total service quality in charge of the entire life cycle of the company.

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