Beta Tarım joins CCPA Group, one of the world's leading feed producers

Beta Tarım joins CCPA Group, one of the world's leading feed producers
25 October 2019

Beta Tarım, based in Turkey, which produces feeds for all livestock, has decided to join CCPA Group that it has been collaborating for more than 10 years.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Beta Tarim, which has been operating in the field of animal nutrition products since 2001, joined forces with the world's leading French animal feed producer CCPA Group. Since 2009 CCPA Group on complimentary products to feed Turkey's official representative and distributor of carrying out the Beta Agriculture, incorporating the CCPA Turkey will continue to serve as the organization. Turkey Beta's market dominance and knowledge of agriculture will be developed utilizing the expertise of R & D in the feed production CCPA innovative and competitive solutions with Turkey aimed at providing better services to the animal feed market.

Ali Özbek, the founder of Beta Tarim, stated that they have specialized in the production of premixes and mineral feeds for ruminant and poultry, especially in the domestic market. He repeated the CCPA CCPA Group CEO Erwan Gilette while Turkey, who will continue to serve as General Manager Ali Uzbek and confidence in the team. Ent This merger is part of our international development strategy, Laur said Laurent Roger, CCPA Group Sales Director. Turkey and other countries in the region will allow us to offer innovative and customized solutions, "he said.

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About CCPA Group
The CCPA Group, based in France, has been working with partners in more than 40 countries in the field of animal nutrition and health for more than 50 years. In the Janzé region of France, it has one of the largest additive manufacturing plants in Europe and an important research and innovation center. Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Singapore, Algeria, Brazil and Mexico also assign step into the market, followed by Turkey CCPA Group's turnover for the year 2018 163 million euros. 60% of this revenue comes from foreign operations abroad.