New generation file transfer service: SendGB

New generation file transfer service: SendGB
25 October 2019

SendGB, the new generation file transfer service that offers an alternative to e-mails that are insufficient for sending large files, has reached 10 thousand users from 169 countries. It is growing rapidly in India, America, Spain, Chile and Mexico.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - As the technologies used in daily life and business world develop, the size of digital files, especially photography and video, grows rapidly. As a solution to inadequate e-mails in file sending, file sharing services are available. The domestic file transfer service sendGB, which was established in 2015 as an alternative to the rapidly increasing global services in recent years, has reached 10,000 daily users from 169 countries.

Serving the world's largest companies in 13 languages!

SendGB, which serves as a file transfer service rather than a storage platform, currently provides support in 13 languages, including Turkish. Turkey is sourced 30% of users that only transmits sendGB founding partner Ugur Cakir, "our own resources without investing today are growing rapidly. India, America, Spain, Chile and Mexico stand out as the countries that prefer us the most. Among the companies employed by SendGB; Samsung, Netflix, BBC, Nissan, Virgin Media, Sony, Siemens, Coca Cola, LG, Bosch, including companies from all over the world. Our goal is to become one of the top 3 services in the world in file transfer. ”

A few steps ahead of foreign initiatives

SendGB, which is growing rapidly globally rather than in Turkey, allows for up to 2 times more file sizes than its global competitors, allowing for free sharing of files up to 5GB in size. Moreover, the service can send 500 files to 20 different recipients at the same time, allowing up to 250 MB files to be downloaded for 90 days. It allows users with security sensitivity to set a password-free of charge at the time of shipment while allowing only users with a password to download files. If you wish, users can automatically delete files on a date that they specify between 1 and 90 days. The most important difference that distinguishes SendGB from its peers is that it does not limit the download and download speed of files within the scope of its free service. The service also allows users to easily share files using mobile browsers with their iOS or Android devices without the need for a mobile application.

Supports foundations within social responsibility

Serving as a completely free sendGB, Turkey is supporting the leading foundations and associations. Among these, LÖSEV (Foundation for Children with Leukemia), Darüşşafaka, TOG (Community Volunteers Foundation), Tohum Autism Foundation and ÇEKÜL provide activities to reach more people.

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