Small businesses will increase revenue with new mobile payments systems

Small businesses will increase revenue with new mobile payments systems
16 October 2019

With the amendments made official in Turkey, small businesses that do not accept payment by debit or credit cards can receive each amount via mobile payment solutions in seconds. A major savings arrangement provides revenue-raising opportunities for businesses that cannot receive credit card payments because of POS machines costs.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In June 2019, the Revenue Administration issued the Secure Mobile Payment and Electronic Document Management System, which aims to expand the use of mobile payment technologies that will provide cost advantages and ease of control over EFT-POS devices.

The method in which mobile phones will become a collection point thanks to software offers a fast and secure method that allows all small and medium enterprises from grocery and convenience stores to café chain, grocery and delicatessen to make payments at any amount by credit or debit card. After mobile payment, the invoice will be sent to mobile phones by e-mail or SMS.

Increasing the contactless password-free transaction limit to 120 TL will provide an opportunity

Interbank Card Center (BKM) has 1 million 635 thousand active in Turkey, according to data from the POS device. Each month, the use of pos devices and bank commission pos devices poses a serious financial burden for small and medium-sized enterprises. Businesses that do not want to enter under this cost can not make sales because they can not get payment from the credit cards. The new system in which mobile phones can be used as an EFT-POS alternative under the regulation of the Revenue Administration provides significant savings and provides an opportunity to increase revenue for enterprises that cannot receive credit card payments. Increasing the non-contact clear transaction limit from TL 90 to TL 120 as of August 1, 2019, also supports the legally prepared process. Today, approximately 1 of every 10 credit card transactions conducted face to face in Turkey is carried out in a contactless manner.

“With Android-based and certified EFT-POS, the device crowd will be reduced!”

The new regulation will not only provide businesses with convenience and speed in the collection. In addition, these low-cost sales management systems that produce e-archives / e-invoices are expected to produce and collect sales documents. Otel Operators will start to prefer these small mobile devices that take orders, sell and make collections and send e-invoices, Pr said Kamil Özörnek, Protel Marketing Senior Manager. As of 2020, we expect the current EFT-POS devices to gradually replace mobile solutions over time. We expect the company to offer an easy and safe option to the consumer while increasing sales volume by accelerating the sales operation.”

The first prototype is ready for use!

This regulation, which will be implemented with the new year, has also triggered banks and companies producing payment recording devices. The payment process, which converts mobile devices from the collection of hardware, applications and e-bill consisting of four stages including integration with e-archiving Turkey's first product was developed by Protel. Kamil Özörnek stated that they are working extensively with both banks and hardware manufacturers and said "We have rapidly transformed our 30 years of experience in the sector and our innovation muscle into products. We will be launching our end-to-end solution, hardware, software, payments and integrations. Especially for young people in European countries that use cash in exchange of 95% and Turkey's rapidly solutions we produce when we consider that the return towards a cashless society within the same trends I believe will offer significant help to SMEs and the national economy".

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