“Companies get sick as people do”

“Companies get sick as people do”
15 October 2019

Ferhan Köksal's book titled “Hasta Şirketler” was published based on the company problems he observed during his 25-years career. The book, in which chronic problems in companies are likened to diseases with a metaphorical approach, suggests early diagnosis and treatment methods for companies.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Ferhan Köksal's “Sick Companies” book welcomes the reader with the question mı Have you had your company checked-up? ”. Diseases faced by people such as premature, diabetes, COPD, cancer, depression and bipolar disorder are treated as examples of company problems. Ferhan Köksal, who shared the details of the book, said, “As this book contains examples from our current life, you will find similarities about the companies you own or manage while reading. If we think that all companies are living organisms, companies can actually get sick just like we humans; You will find that it is possible to observe the symptoms of these diseases and to have their diagnoses and even treatments. At this point, you will realize that it is possible to apply healthy living methods for your companies. Moreover, you will have the idea of ​​establishing a healthy organization for your company while reading this information.”

“Companies are living structures just like people and they get sick”

Ferhan Köksal stated that companies, like other creatures, were born, grew and developed and died for different reasons. Pek Few companies in the world are immortal. In post-birth processes, not every company can show the expected development. A numbered company lives longer than the average life expectancy. The lives of companies, just like the ones of people, end at an unexpectedly early age or when purchased by another company. Can a company have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, COPD, obese, Alzheimer's, cancer or behavior disorder? Yes, that's all possible...

“Companies that cannot balance indebtedness and receivables ratio have high blood pressure”

Ferhan Köksal, who aims to shed light on the possible problems of companies and organizations and to raise awareness on this issue, defines some diseases as follows: Companies that offer ever-changing sales policies for their products and services are becoming bipolar. Decreasing sensitivity to market demands and not being able to perceive notifications from customers are the first signs of a depressive company, while companies with cancer think that turnover is a profit and do not make the right cost calculation and move towards the end of life curves.”

“Leadership is not management”

The book provides possible symptoms of each disease in the company and allows readers to make an early diagnosis of their company by asking questions at the end of the chapter. Köksal, who covers the concept of leadership and leadership models in the literature, said, “Leadership is not only management. The leader is the locomotive, the inspiration. Leaders are one of the most important variables that affect company performance and employee motivation" and shared the details of traditional and contemporary leadership approaches.

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Book Name: Sick Companies
Author: Ferhan Köksal
Publisher: Cinius Yayınları
Release Date: September 2019
Number of Pages: 110
ISBN: 978-605-7720-78-8

About Ferhan Köksal

He was born on 21 June 1975 in Berlin, Germany. After returning back to Turkey in 1984, he completed his education specializing in the economic and tourism sectors. Over the years, he had the opportunity to work at various levels in the fields of the internet, telecommunications and technology. Currently, the global telecommunications company that is doing the Sigfox Turkey and Central Asia Department.

Ferhan Köksal also had the opportunity to work with many international companies thanks to his work in NLP Master Trainer, Certifed Business Coach, International Mediation and Project Management. Recently, he continues his studies especially in the field of institutionalization of SMEs and OBIs and family companies and learning organization methodology.