Istanbul to Host Technology Summit for Local Governments

Istanbul to Host Technology Summit for Local Governments
08 October 2019

Over 120 municipalities, 18 technology companies and 500 participants across Turkey are meeting in Istanbul for the “Technology Summit for Local Governments.”

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The impact of artificial intelligence technologies is increasing in almost every field. While local governments can save on many issues with technological solutions, they can use operational power more efficiently. Friday, November 29, 2019, prepared to open its doors in Istanbul "Technology Summit in Local Government," many municipalities from across Turkey, will host a technology company and the participants. In the summit, where experts in artificial intelligence will participate as speakers, amazing technologies will be exhibited in many areas, from public transportation management to lighting systems, mobile applications and smart urbanism. The participants will have the opportunity to experience exciting technologies and to listen to inspirational speeches from opinion leaders. At the summit, which will be organized with the contribution of Door Technology, the examples of municipalities using artificial intelligence technology, the story of the world's first artificial intelligence path and what will be expected in future municipalities will be discussed.

"Local governments will be more willing to use technology”

Stating that artificial intelligence technologies can provide many benefits for municipalities such as private companies, Ozan Demir, one of the founders of Door Technology, said: “Municipalities participating in our Summit will see the advantages of using artificial intelligence in service processes such as the private sector. From traffic trouble to garbage collection, from road and pavement services to social media management, they will see technology come much further than they think. They will be more willing to use artificial intelligence and will have countless gains, from savings to signing exemplary projects.” The use of artificial intelligence in Turkey is not very common among municipalities, so millions of pounds lost, stating Ozan Demir, “Local governments should adapt to technology as quickly as the private sector. While saving, on the one hand, the power of artificial intelligence should be utilized in services, on the other hand,” he said.

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