Hakan Güzeldere's new book “Aşka Uzak” hit the shelves

Hakan Güzeldere's new book “Aşka Uzak” hit the shelves
07 October 2019

Hakan Güzeldere's novel “Aşka Uzak”, which is based on social problems, is published. Many issues from honor killings to social conscience are addressed in the book.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Author Hakan Güzeldere's new book "Aşka Uzak" contains a chain of events ranging from Urfa to Vienna and from Istanbul to Foça. Not only does it map a love story, but it also deals with many issues from honor killings to morals, from social injustice to social conscience. Hakan Güzeldere, who shared the details about the book, said, "Our heroes Metin and Deniz are stuck in the grip of betrayal, neglect, tradition and selfishness. These two characters will pass us through the corridors of great love by confusing our minds with the exams, interrogations and events they have spent through their lives. A “man” shaken by his lover's betrayal, he will show us how to overcome the pressure on him by making love a shield for himself and how to stay in love.”

In 1996, Hakan Güzeldere, who founded Paradoks magazine with a group of young friends and was the editor-in-chief, published poems and writings in many magazines including Varlık, Akatalpa, Yasakmeyve, Mühür, Mahsus Mahal and Akköy. Parpali, Meydanlar and Suya Yürürken are the three poetry books of the author. He has also written two storybooks for children, the Son of Everest and Tesla's Laboratory.

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Name of the book: Aşka Uzak

Author: Hakan Güzeldere

Publisher: Mu Publications

Release Date: 05.10.2019

Number of Pages: 200

ISBN: 978-605-9563-08-6