How SMEs Can Compete with Brands Digitally: Smart Advertising Application

How SMEs Can Compete with Brands Digitally: Smart Advertising Application
04 October 2019

SMEs and micro-enterprises in Turkey are having issues in efficiently managing advertising budgets due to the cost of qualified human resources and lack of technical knowledge in digital marketing. Ideasoft's first artificial intelligence-based domestic advertising module, which is developed in collaboration with Google, enables small businesses to get return from commercial spendings up to 30 times without any requirement in technical know-how.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Digital advertising is crucial for SMEs to compete and live with brands in a digital environment without physical boundaries. But rather limited manpower and experience in digital marketing for SMEs in Turkey. The inefficiency of digital advertising can lead to extra cost and time, and due to workload, it is impossible to control the advertising. fully developed by Turkish engineers developed with the cooperation and Turkey's first Ideasoft Google advertising automation module with Autopilot, given to SMEs' e-commerce sites provide the most effective way of managing Internet ads.

“SMEs will be able to compete with big brands in the digital environment.”

Stating that e-commerce is an area where SMEs can compete more with big brands, Ideasoft Business Partnership Manager Eray Şentürk said, için In order for SMEs and micro-enterprises to compete with big brands, they need to use digital advertisements in a healthy way. However, these enterprises cannot employ expert staff, do not have technical details and cannot provide visibility against the size of advertising budgets. Otopilot Smart Advertising application developed with Google and working with machine learning in the background; ad setup, ad optimization, management and reporting issues completely exceeds the technology. It allows SMEs to easily set up ads without hiring an advertising expert. In this way, we make use of artificial intelligence for advertising efficiency and enable SMEs that advertise with low budgets to get ahead of brands that manage advertising with big budgets but using manpower. ”

30-to-1 return with one click!

While no technical knowledge is required for the use of Otopilot, which is one of Ideasoft's e-commerce solutions, SMEs provide maximum benefit with minimum cost thanks to the system. Autopilot without the need for any tool with a single-click optimization can be provided in the best way Eray Şentürk, “According to our research, the digital advertising conversion rate of Otopilot users rose to 1 to 30 levels. In simple terms, a sales volume of 30,000 TL can be generated for 1,000 TL advertisements. ”

Otopilot will be the digital marketing assistant of SMEs.

Thanks to the intelligent learning module supported by artificial intelligence, the autopilot guides the user in digital advertising. It can also automatically match keywords and product descriptions, and ad scheduling. Developed with Google, the smart ad application provides an end-to-end solution that sets up the whole process from ad account setup to listing products in the advertising panel, from optimization to reporting. Otopilot, which enables Remarketing and Display Advertising activities in addition to Shopping Ads, enables SMEs to manage their digital ads in a short time without the need for technical knowledge with its user-friendly structure.

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