The 7th "Sinemasal Film Festival" reached 30 thousand children in the Eastern Anatolia.

The 7th
02 October 2019

This year, the 7th Sinemasal Film Festival, which lasted 12 days, was completed. As part of the festival, 30,000 children and their families had real cinema experience in the Eastern Anatolia cities: Ardahan, Kars, Igdir, Agri, Van and Hakkari.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cinemasal Film Festival, which brings children living in socio-culturally disadvantaged regions to the cinema, 2013 Southeast Anatolia, 2014 Black Sea, 2016 Mediterranean, 2017 Central Anatolia, 2018 Eurasian (Marmara & Aegean) He successfully completed the stage of Eastern Anatolia. Organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema and Cinemasal Culture and Art Association. "Cinemasal Film Festival" was held in Ardahan, Kars, Igdir, Agri, Van and Hakkari, the most difficult to reach mountain villages and towns within the scope of the Eastern Anatolia stage. The 12-day festival reached 30,000 children and their families with a record attendance compared to previous years.

Thousands of village children experienced real cinema for the first time.

Within the scope of the festival hosted by local administrations; souvenir cinema tickets, fruit juice and popcorn served as a sine qua non of cinema, children, accompanied by nostalgic flashlight placeholders took their place for the first time in their lives real cinema experience. The film screenings, which were open to the public under the stars and under the spell of the open air, won the appreciation of the local people and left them unforgettable memories throughout their lives.

In addition to cinema, many activities were organized from face painting to puppet workshops.

At the 7th Cinemasal Film Festival, the film "The Song of Our Village" was screened under the sponsorship of BKM. After the film, the children read their happiness and expressed their thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Cinema Volunteers and all supporters for organizing such an event. In each village visited, children were presented with various gifts, as well as film screenings, as well as face painting, painting and puppet workshops, singing competitions and theater performances. Enes Kaya, who is the General Art Director of the Festival, stated that detailed information about Sinemasal can be reached at and everyone can participate in the festivals to be held in 2020 with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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