Deficiencies in landscaping condemn one of every 3 disabled people to home

Deficiencies in landscaping condemn one of every 3 disabled people to home
30 September 2019

While 32% of the disabled people cannot go out to the streets due to lack of physical environmental regulations, 29% cannot participate in social and cultural activities. In addition to environmental regulations, the use of personal assistance tools affects the participation of people with disabilities in society.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) has about 5 million people with disabilities in Turkey, according to the data. 42.8% of the disabled are men and 57.2% are women. While the proportion of working disabled men is 35.4%, the rate of working disabled women is only 12.5%. Stating that accessibility is the biggest problem in the participation of disabled people in business and social life, Noblemen A.Ş. Mert Kök, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of Wheelchair, said: 66 66.9% of the disabled are on roads and sidewalks, 66.3% of houses, 59.5% of shopping malls and 58.4% of public buildings are not suitable for disabled use. As such, everyone should put their hand under the stone for the participation of people with disabilities in life ”.

“The largest minority in the world cannot be ignored.”

Currently, 1 billion people in the world are in disability status. The number of people with disabilities, which corresponds to 15% of the world's population, is expected to reach 2 billion by 2050 with the aging of the population. People with disabilities have great difficulty in reaching assistive tools that make their lives easier. Stating that there are many disabled people who need wheelchairs, Mert Kök said, "Only 5-15% of disabled people in need of assistive vehicles in many countries of the world can access these vehicles. In our country, the majority of orthopedically disabled people can not reach these auxiliary tools. The largest minority in the world, whose number exceeds 1 billion, should not be ignored, arrangements should be made to have auxiliary tools and the environment should be made available for use of these tools.”

Special designs should be highlighted for orthopedically disabled people

The solution of many problems faced by orthopedically disabled people goes through the use of wheelchairs, which are specially designed as well as environmental regulations. The fact that wheelchairs are designed according to age, skills and health conditions helps disabled people to overcome the problems they face. Seat width and depth adjusted for child or adult use, step bar and hand grips suitable for companion use, easy to carry designs, makes life easier for people with disabilities.

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