SMEs are the target of cyberattacks: One out of every 2 SMEs is being cyber-attacked.

SMEs are the target of cyberattacks: One out of every 2 SMEs is being cyber-attacked.
25 September 2019

Cyber threats have increased by 600% worldwide in the past year. Experts say the new target of cyberattacks is small and medium-sized enterprises, while 71% of cyberattacks in Turkey are carried out against SMEs with fewer than 100 employees.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for everyone from corporations to individuals, where everything from coffee machines to refrigerators, from smart homes to cars is connected to the internet. In almost every 40 seconds in the world, the data of one company is being captured by cyber attackers. 71% of cyber attacks are carried out in Turkey against SMEs with less than 100 employees. Research shows that 1 out of 2 SMEs have been exposed to different levels of cyber attacks, while the victimization of such an attack lasts an average of 50 days and the flow of workflows to a halt.

While the risk of cyber attacks for SMEs increases to 61% today, IT experts predict that threats to SMEs with low cybersecurity literacy will increase. Another point that experts agree is that the biggest reason for hackers to turn to SMEs rather than targeting large corporations is that these small businesses that do not have the necessary awareness and security measures are very easy targets and their systems can be seized very fast.

The first step against cyber attacks: increase cybersecurity literacy!

After the land, sea, air and space by NATO was considered the 5th war area cybersecurity is now included in every point of everyday life. A book titled S Cyber ​​Security for Everyone ”was published by Trainer and Author Cemal Taner with the contribution of Berqnet Firewall, which has 35 years of experience behind LOGO Software, in order to be a guide in the field of cybersecurity that concerns everyone from 7 to 70. The basic concepts are a simple and straightforward way to address the work, students from housewife, a professional manager in terms of any SME with up to a level everyone can understand performs a first in Turkey and cyber our country through the book security literacy is aimed at enhancing.

“We want to make cybersecurity understandable for everyone.”

Cemal Taner, the author of "Cybersecurity for All," stated that they want to contribute to the cybersecurity ecosystem. "We brought together those who are curious about cybersecurity for amateurs and professionals. In Turkey, it was a book that would benefit people who want to raise the level of basic knowledge of professional resources in the next few and advanced in the cybersecurity field. Increasing the awareness of cybersecurity and making it understandable and practicable is of great importance for the security of our country”. The book is also offered free of charge by Berqnet Firewall at high schools, universities and vocational training courses where relevant departments provide cybersecurity education.

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