The outgoing number of students from Turkey to Canada Increased 28%!

The outgoing number of students from Turkey to Canada Increased 28%!
24 September 2019

Turkey was ranked among the top 20 countries worldwide in the number of students going to Canada for education. In the face of increasing interest from Turkish students, Canada's most preferred schools are coming to Turkey on October 12-18, 2019!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to the latest data published by the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), international students' interest in Canada continues to increase. In 2018, 572 thousand international students preferred Canada for language education, professional certificate trainings, undergraduate and graduate studies; The number of students has increased 154% in the last 10 years. In 2017 the number of students going from Turkey to Canada, while 3,885 to 5,000, an increase of almost 28% in 2019. Canada leading international student numbers in Turkey, was ranked 18th among all countries. At the end of 2019 along with the growing interest of Turkish students will take place in Turkey in the first 15 scheduled, most of Canada for training in India, China and South Korean students prefer.

Work permit attracts students!

The main reason for the growing interest in Canada is the flexibility of work permit. Career colleges, colleges (polytechnic universities) and students studying at universities also have the opportunity to earn pocket money because they have part-time work permits. The full-time study opportunities offered by schools as part of the training program also enable students to gain work experience in the areas in which they are trained. The opportunity to work for one year to three years after graduation is offered to colleges (polytechnical universities) and students studying at universities, allowing students to gain full-time international work experience and a permanent residence permit in Canada.

Most of the international students who go to Canada are women!

56.2% of students who prefer Canada for education are women. The vast majority of international students prefer technology and computer science, while architecture, engineering, business, management, marketing and educational sciences remain popular. The number of international students in colleges and universities is increasing.

Which states are most preferred?

48% of international students who go to Canada prefer Ontario, including Toronto and Ottowa. Toronto is followed by British Columbia, which is home to Vancouver with 24%. Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec follow these two states.

Canada's most popular school is coming to Turkey!

Canada's most preferred language school, high school, college, careers, colleges and universities Akare Education Abroad fair is coming to Turkey at home. The first of the fairs, where students can direct all their questions about the education system, living and application conditions to the school representatives in Canada, opens its doors at Harbiye Hilton Hotel on 12 October. Students and graduates of all ages can register for the international education fairs to be held in Ankara on 16 October and in İzmir on 18 October 2019 free of charge at

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