The future of milk is being discussed in Istanbul as part of the World Dairy Summit

The future of milk is being discussed in Istanbul as part of the World Dairy Summit
24 September 2019
The world’s eighth-largest and Europe’s third-largest milk producer, Turkey, is hosting this year’s World Dairy Summit held in Istanbul for the first time. Ali Sözen, CEO of AK Gıda, who was the keynote speaker at the second day of the summit where the future of dairy was discussed, said that the summit was an excellent opportunity to show the production potential of Turkey to the world.

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Organized by the International Dairy Federation (IDF) every year in different cities of the world, the World Milk Summit started this year with the hosting of Istanbul. More than 2,000 professionals, including producers, industrialists, research institutions, institute representatives, consumers and the public, from 44 member countries of the International Dairy Federation, where 75% of the milk produced in the world is represented, are hosted in Istanbul on September 23-26. Turkey's largest dairy products manufacturer has undertaken the food summit Aka Platinum sponsorship of "Milk for Life" is taking place with the theme.

“The dairy industry feeds the world!”

Mr. Ali Sözen, CEO of Ak Gıda, who opened the session on the second day of the summit titled süt Dairy Products as the Nutrition Source of the World ve and touched on the potential of dairy products, said, “Milk and dairy products can be used in many ways. Milk, as well as healthy nutrition features; with economic and social contributions to the society. Milk has a very important role in improving the nutritional habits of the world and in fact the dairy industry feeds the world. Its high nutritional value distinguishes milk from other food products. We are also daily milk processing capacity of 5 thousand tons of our innovative products as our Turkey's largest producer of milk and dairy products, we strive to increase the consumption of milk, "he said.

"We will show Turkey's productive potential of the whole world"

World Dairy Summit, held for the first time in Turkey, the latest production lines to Turkey, milk quality and production potential indicating that there is a great opportunity to show the world Ali Sozen, "the summit's organizing in Turkey, but this is a great achievement for our country together we can provide support to many developments in our dairy sector. I would like to express my gratitude to the National Milk Council and the organizing committee that has made great efforts for the World Milk Summit to be held in our country for years ”.

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