After robots, now comes "digital humans"!

After robots, now comes
23 September 2019

More than 40 valuable speakers such as Mert Fırat, Murat Murathanoğlu, Uğur Candan and Tansu Yeğen took the stage at itelli.Day, the most important digital transformation event of this year, to discuss the different aspects of digital transformation spreading to all areas of life.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - SAP's largest Platinum Business Partner in Turkey, itelligence Türkiye, organized itelli.Day, a special event held in Istanbul. The most comprehensive technology event of the year, attended by more than 600 professionals from the business world, focused on digital transformation, which is not only on the agenda of Turkey but also all over the world. The event, which lasted all day and featured more than 40 speakers, talked about how transformation is reflected across life, from art to commerce, from sports to human resources, from sales to finance, from robots to institutions.

“We export the applications we have developed in Turkey to abroad.”

Speaking at the opening session moderated by Burcu Esmersoy, itelligence Türkiye CEO Dr. Bahri Danış said, "Today we are together with managers from 327 different companies with a total turnover of TL 810 billion. This shows that the managers in this hall produce 20% of the total value generated in Turkey.” Danış said that "itelligence started its journey with a team of 120 people in 2012 when it first came to Turkey. As of today, we are guiding our customers' journey of digital transformation with a team of 892 people. While we used to boast of implementing projects abroad in our country, today we have the right pride of exporting the sample applications we developed in Turkey abroad. Everything around us is constantly spinning at a speed of up to 120 km per hour, and we are all in the middle of this madness. This is exactly what we call digital transformation. However, digitalization and digital transformation are sometimes confused. Digital transformation is a roadmap through which business models are irreversibly altered using new digital technologies.”

"If today's technology were then, Hidayet Türkoğlu could enjoy the championship in the NBA.”

Starting his speech by saying technology has also made its mark on sports, TV presenter and Sports Writer Murat Murathanoğlu said, "Today the 24 seconds rule applied in matches, a large number of matches are monitored and calculated on how many shots were made told. When I think of today's young people, the speed of time but the technological products that are most developed as well, I expect this to come down to 14 seconds soon,”. Murathanoğlu, who said that a total of 4 million data were uncovered by taking 25 pictures per second in a basketball game, said that studies were done to train an assistant coach using artificial intelligence. “If today's technological conditions were in the past, like Mehmet Okur, Hidayet Türkoğlu could enjoy the championship in the NBA.”

"Technology has created equal opportunity in the arts.”

Theater actor Mert Fırat said, "We are after technologies such as electricity consumption, room temperature, early warning systems for fire exits. We have reduced the electricity consumption of 55 theatres in Kadikoy, which is ₺7 million, by a third by using technology,” he said. Explaining that they analyze the viewing habits of theatre audiences, Fırat said: “according to the results we get, we transform everything from the script of the plays to the training of the actors. Together with technology, we have achieved equality of opportunity in the arts,” he said.  

“You can't manage planes by looking at a single indicator!”

“Just as you can't manage aircraft by looking at a single indicator, you can't manage companies with the data provided by a single department, " said Ugur Candan, general manager of SAP Turkey. To create an authentic experience for your employees and customers, in terms of your brand and products, you have to combine experience data with operational data,” he said. Candan added: "to all top executives every year, ‘does your company's product or service provide a unique experience?’ we get a yes answer from 80% when we ask. Only 8% of users respond positively. This difference stems from the fact that operational data, such as costs, revenues and sales, and experience data, which enable us to understand people's feelings and thoughts, do not feed into each other. That makes the difference between experience and the perception we position. Combining experience management solutions with back office and front office solutions and conversing with each other through a digital transformation platform will be the solution to today's mega problem.”

"5. the industrial revolution is coming”

“There is an incredible transformation all over the world. We've been talking about this for almost 30 years. 5. the definition of the Industrial Revolution began to take shape. We will now start talking about how robots and humans will live together,” said Uipath European vice president Tansu Niğen, who spoke of 6 crucial technological developments that triggered the transformation. 7th ed. "now comes the automation revolution. 80% of CEOs in the US see automation as their top priority. A team of 100 people puts out performance equivalent to 152 people with robotic process automation, and an 80% increase in employee happiness is observed,” he said.

“Are you sure I'm not a Robot?”

"How do you know I'm not a robot?" starting with the question, Thomas Nørmark, director of innovation and Technology at itelligence AG and Global Head of artificial intelligence applications, described the humanization of artificial intelligence applications. Speaking about the RoboMe project they are pursuing within itelligence, Normark said: "We are working to create a robot of our own. My robot is already famous, participating in programs, taking pictures with artists. But at the end of the day, we're talking about a robot made of plastic. On the other hand, we do’ digital human ' projects. As part of our project with Kia Motors, we have developed a digital human named Mia that can understand people's feelings and reflect their beliefs. If Mia meets a customer she spoke to at the Kia point of sale again after 3 years, she remembers the past precisely and can resume the conversation.”