Artificial intelligence will put a firm stamp on education this year!

Artificial intelligence will put a firm stamp on education this year!
19 September 2019

The increasing use of artificial intelligence technologies in education brings many innovations. Artificial intelligence technologies contribute 75% to students' talent discovery and 87% to personal learning skills.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In line with the 2023 targets of the Ministry of National Education, digitization in education is among the priorities. With the initiation of the artificial intelligence process in education, courses, seminars and workshops in schools accelerated. This year, seminars will be given to teachers, students and parents in all schools to raise awareness of the importance of artificial intelligence in education.

Artificial intelligence will be the personal assistant of teachers

Artificial intelligence technologies will play an active role in improving students' learning processes in education, teachers' assessment and evaluation of students as well as student follow-up. In addition, teachers will have more control over the students' abilities, interests and learning processes. In addition to the effects of artificial intelligence technologies on students, Door Technology's study found that teachers alleviated most of the workload by 68% and had 93% impact on student follow-up. With the arrangements made, artificial intelligence is expected to become the personal assistant of teachers.

Artificial intelligence enters the curriculum

Murat Kara, one of the founders of Door Technology, stated that training on artificial intelligence would be included in the curriculum in the near future. He said; “Artificial intelligence will now be taught in schools. With the change of professions, artificial intelligence will affect the preferences of the department. High school students will make their university preferences and career choice by considering this change. Similarly, the skills and competencies of teachers will change. Knowing the artificial intelligence management and applying it to the courses will be new features for teachers to look for. It will be possible for the teacher to prepare an exam and to read the result and to make a special operation for each student in the classroom or in the areas of determination of the subject matter with artificial intelligence".

“Artificial intelligence will make education more efficient”

Stating that artificial intelligence is already used in the field of education in developed countries, Murat Kara said, "Large countries such as China, which increase investments in education, are working on many innovative methods to make education more productive and reaping the fruits of artificial intelligence technologies. We can also benefit from artificial intelligence technologies that will make education efficient. Artificial intelligence determines the student's listening, interest, whether he/she is happy or not, which subjects learn more quickly and which one has learning difficulties, and creates a personal curriculum. The teacher can combine his / her observations with the information provided by artificial intelligence and perform more productive lessons."

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