The Turkish Pilot Will Fly From The Northernmost To The Southernmost Of The World With A Glider!

The Turkish Pilot Will Fly From The Northernmost To The Southernmost Of The World With A Glider!
12 September 2019

Known as the “Flying Explorer”, pilot Osman Arıkan will fly from Alert Region in Canada, the northernmost point of the world to Cape Of Good Hope, the southernmost point in the world in 45 days to draw attention to climate change.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Climate change, which is one of the biggest problems facing humanity in the 21st century, affects the lives of millions of people around the world and poses a serious risk for future generations. Turkish Pilot Osman Arıkan, who wants to draw attention to this fundamental problem concerning the whole world, will fly from Alert Region, the northernmost point of the world in Canada, to the southernmost point of the world, Cape of Good Hope in the Republic of South Africa. The flight will take place in mid-November, depending on the weather conditions. Osman Arikan is expected to complete the flight in the new year. In the South African Republic where the flight will be completed, government officials will hold a welcoming ceremony for Osman Arıkan.

30 thousand kilometers of flight will last 45 days

Osman Arıkan, aiming to complete the 30 thousand kilometers distance by flying over 20 countries in 45 days, will cross Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom, the African continent and reach the Republic of South Africa. Osman Arıkan explained that he would fly with a non-motorized glider using hot and cold air currents and said: “Gliders are sensitive vehicles affected by weather events. For this reason, the weather conditions must be quite good for them to fly. Sudden and irregular weather changes make gliders in a difficult situation, just like in humans. In order to draw attention to the climate change that affects almost every area and to encourage measures to be taken, I decided to make this flight especially with the glider. I hope I can raise a little awareness about climate change.. Osman Arıkan, who is an airplane and helicopter pilot, started flying with a glider at the age of 16 and has performed glider flights in many parts of the world. The total flight experience exceeds 5,000 hours.

"I will answer the question of what can be done individually in facing climate change”

Osman Arıkan said "Each individual should take precautions by being informed and that he will complete the flight alone. The biggest mistake of climate change is what can be done individually. Of course, we can take individual measures on a topic that concerns the whole world. In the simplest way, we can prefer environmentalist products in our car, in the heating of our house or to use. For example, we can reduce paper use and recycle paper to prevent deforestation, which is one of the major causes of climate change. Everyone and everyone should put their hands on this issue that affects us and future generations."

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