“Pazarlama Türkiye Summit” preparing to open its doors

“Pazarlama Türkiye Summit” preparing to open its doors
09 September 2019

“Pazarlama Türkiye Summit,” which brings professionals with Turkey’s most beloved brands together every year, will take place on October 24th, Saturday in Istanbul.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Starting from this year the brand-consumer relationship "Touch" theme will be processed in Pazarlama Türkiye Summit. Marketing touching the lives of consumers, sticking in the mind, value-added brands to life, will be under the lens current issues regarding the marketing world. Marketing, advertising, communications, technology, automotive, health and finance professionals will be organized with the participation of many sectors such as Pazarlama Türkiye Summit, will take place on October 24, 2019, at Dedeman Hotel Gayreteppe.

Marketing gurus come together.

The top executives of the brands that are thriving in the hearts of consumers will share their trends and experiences in the marketing world. There will be 20 speakers who make a difference in the marketing world, including Insider Co-Founder and CEO Hande Çilingir, Vestel Executive Vice President in charge of Marketing Tunç Berkman, VISA Southeast Europe Marketing Manager Birim Gönülşen Özyürekli, PepsiCo Digital Marketing and E-commerce Manager Didem Namver, Marketing Director Barış Sönmez and Deputy General Manager Banu Barbarosoğlu.

“Brands should draw white flags and deliver the seats to consumers”

Every step of going to buy in marketing, indicating that touching the consumers Pazarlama Türkiye Founder Ender Satıcı said "Brands are inter-war delivered to the seat of consumer pull the white flag in that, the action according to the demand of consumers get, the more you listen to tell, we are in a period that gives consumers the special and precious feel manic. Everything that touches emotions, ideas, memories, culture and values ​​quickly leaves its mark on digital. Technology is touching product and service, while brands are looking for ways to touch consumers. While focusing on the number of followers, number of interactions, transformation, profit margin, how do brands leave impressions on the consumer? We will put all of them on the table in "Pazarlama Türkiye Summit".

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