What should be considered in hair transplant?

What should be considered in hair transplant?
04 September 2019

Every year, approximately 650,000 people worldwide perform hair transplants. In Central and South America alone, 70,000 people have a hair transplant every year.

RIO DE JANEIRO (BR) - Hair loss is caused by many factors such as skin problems, nutrition, stress, genetics and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Hair can be restored with hair transplantation to achieve the desired look.
In recent years, Melik Yağmur, founder of Now Hair Time Hair Transplant Center, located in Istanbul - Turkey, where Brazilians show great interest in performing their hair transplants, cited the factors that affect the efficiency of operations:

1- Alcohol, smoking and heavy foods should be avoided before the operation.

Firstly, the patient should not drink alcohol one week prior to the operation and not smoke until 24 hours before. A light breakfast should be made on the day of surgery and fatty and heavy foods should be avoided. The patient has to say all the medicines and vitamins that are used. Creams or sprays cannot be used on the day of the procedure. When going to the hospital for a hair transplant, it is preferable to wear button-down shirts as they can be easily removed and put on. Failure to pay attention to these details may prolong the recovery period and/or may even result in the end result of hair transplantation.

2- The hair transplant should guarantee a natural look.

The most important issue in hair transplantation is to get a natural look. Since everyone's head and face structure is different, a standard procedure for everyone would not look the way you want. In addition to head structure, factors such as age, gender, facial features, forehead muscle, and width of the implanted area also affect transplant planning. If all are standardized, the natural result one wants may not be achieved.

3- The operation must be performed by specialists and in a fully equipped hospital.

Although hair transplantation is seen as a simple procedure, it should not be done outside hospitals. This should not be done when the clinic focuses only on hair transplantation and does not have the right tools and health staff. Also, after deciding where to do the procedure: the hospital, hotel, service details, lotion, shampoo, vitamin supply issues should also be clarified in advance.

4- The FUE method makes the difference!

FUE is the most effective method in hair transplantation. More comfortable than traditional methods. It allows the operation to be performed in a short time without fail and is painless. It is the most widely used method in the world.

The follicles taken from the back of the head are implanted individually in bald areas.

There is also the FUE - DHI technique, where one does not need to shave the entire head, a technique also used on women. The expert will decide which method is best suited for each case. When one considers all of these factors before hair transplantation, the result of the natural look is certain.

5- Do not fall into the follicle trap.

The most abused issue in hair transplant procedures is the number of follicles. While some transplant centers give prices according to the number of follicles, what really needs to be taken into account is how many follicles will be needed to achieve the desired image. Hair transplants in Turkey are performed based on the maximum number of follicles one needs. In Turkey, where there are the world's most experienced specialists, there is a 50% advantage in treatment investment over the rest of the world.

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