The book “Nevzat Özgörkey: A Lifetime In Pursuit Of Perfection” was launched.

The book “Nevzat Özgörkey: A Lifetime In Pursuit Of Perfection” was launched.
02 September 2019

The launch of the book “Nevzat Özgörkey: A Lifetime In Pursuit Of Perfection” prepared by Nevzat Özgörkey Su (NEVSU) Foundation was held at the event where Özgörkey family, NEVSU Foundation representatives, friends and ETAPAK employees within Özgörkey Holding came together.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's most important industrialists of the late Dr. Nevzat Özgörkey'e the promotional events of the book tells the life story, on August 29, 2019 was held in Izmir in subsubsidiary etapa Packing Plant. In the event hosted by Cemal Özgörkey, Armağan Özgörkey and Özlem Adalı, the book entitled "Nevzat Özgörkey: A Life in Pursuit of Excellence" was distributed to Etapak Packaging employees as a gift. While Burak Koçer made the presentation, Özlem Adalı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEVSU Foundation, journalist and writer Volkan Karsan took the floor and shared his feelings and memories with the guests.

The book sheds light on the past of Turkish Industry

The book about the life story of the late Nevzat Özgörkey; family origins, Nevzat Bey's first initiatives in Izmir, Milangaz, Efes Pilsen, Coca-Cola brings the reader with important brands in Turkey as of the organizations and investment story. The book, which includes previously published photographs of the cornerstones of both the family and the Turkish commercial life, includes interviews by Nevzat Özgörkey's colleagues and friends.

Support to social projects in education, health and arts

Founded in memory of Nevzat Özgörkey, the NEVSU Foundation has identified the theme of "water", which is at the heart of Nevzat Bey's family life and business life. Nevsky Prospekt Foundation of Turkey, is developing projects to protect water resources for future generations and support efforts for this purpose. Nevsky Prospekt Foundation also, in August of 2019 at Stanford University Institute of Design by faculty members, Turkey's selected science from various provinces, mathematics and information technology fields in the teachers' Design-Oriented Thinking for Innovation in Education "sponsorship of the Ministry of Education to deliver on education provided.

Businessman who broke new ground in Turkish industry: Nevzat Özgörkey

Nevzat Özgörkey started his business life at a very young age with the importation of engines and then became the Aegean and Mediterranean distributor of Milangaz for many years. Nevzat Özgörkey, who has served as a member of the Board of Directors of Efes Pilsen for many years, established the İzmir facilities of Coca-Cola under the name İmbat Meşrubat Sanayi in 1967 together with its partners and laid the foundations of Coca-Cola İçecek companies in today's name. He commissioned 6 factories in İzmir Kemalpaşa, 1990 in Işıkkent and two in 1992-1993 in Romania, and served as Vice President of all Aegean and Mediterranean operations of Coca-Cola between 1968 and 1998. In addition, in 1992, plastic, which is one of the major business lines of Özgörkey Holding A.Ş., and in 1993, fruit juice concentrate investments were made.

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