Parents think their children may be unemployed because of artificial intelligence.

Parents think their children may be unemployed because of artificial intelligence.
02 September 2019

In the future, 62 percent of current occupations will be transformed by artificial intelligence technologies, 33 percent will disappear and only 5 percent will preserve their current existence. Parents are worried about their children's future. It is aimed to increase the awareness of the students about the professions of the future with artificial intelligence courses to be given in high schools.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The use of artificial intelligence in education is increasing rapidly from primary school around the world. Experts say that teachers will always remain a guide and cannot be replaced, while the impact of artificial intelligence and technology on educational methods will gradually increase. In the vision of 2023 prepared by the Ministry of National Education; emphasis is given to processes where the courses are reduced, design-skills skills are improved, the data-based school management is started, the digital process is strengthened and these are supported by artificial intelligence. First of all, artificial intelligence seminars, which were first implemented in Saint Benoit High School and ALKEV schools, enable adaptation of high school students to the professions of the future. One of the founders of Door Technology, Ozan Demir, who stated that they aim to create sufficient knowledge about artificial intelligence, coding and robots, said: For this purpose, we develop separate seminar programs and technological solutions for students, teachers and parents and offer artificial intelligence to schools in a holistic approach. ”

The use of artificial intelligence and technology will create 133 million new business opportunities

According to the Ekonomik Future of Jobs ”survey published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), by 2022, a total of 133 million new jobs will be born and 75 million positions will disappear. Even five years from now, 35 percent of the skills that are considered important in today's workforce will have changed. Stating that it has very great importance to the development of artificial intelligence targets in Turkey in the field of education, Door Technology's founder Ozan Demir said "Associated with artificial intelligence technology continues to spread in almost every area. In the field of education, it is necessary to benefit from the blessings of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence courses or seminars in high schools allow students to focus on future occupations instead of training for occupations where the human factor is weakened. The training also provides the students with an idea about artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, robotics and coding needed in the professions of the future.”

“Artificial intelligence is an opportunity, not a threat”

Stating that it is wrong to say that artificial intelligence threatens the professions of the future, Ozan Demir said, “Artificial intelligence will affect many professions such as law, engineering, banking, medicine and teaching. Some professions will be completely out of human control and entrusted to artificial intelligence. According to research, most of the parents think that their children may be unemployed due to artificial intelligence technology. However, instead of opposing the inevitable development of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to direct students to new professions that will emerge in this field. In the case of adaptation to change, artificial intelligence is not a threat but an opportunity.”

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