Companies in Turkey spend an average of 2.5 million TL a year on training employees

Companies in Turkey spend an average of 2.5 million TL a year on training employees
28 August 2019

Over $ 500 billion is being spent on corporate education worldwide. An annual training budget of $ 1,000 per person is allocated for employees who spend approximately 33.5 hours while training per year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Corporate training and employee productivity are among the most important issues in today's business world. Through corporate training, companies are encouraging employees to work strategically, systematically and in line with the corporate vision, while creating a peaceful working environment.

Thousands of companies spend over $ 500 billion in corporate training each year to support the development of their employees. The average training budget of £ 2.5 million per company in Turkey with the company, its employees per 462 people per training budget devotes. Abroad, this figure reaches up to an average of $ 1,000 per employee. Each employee spends approximately 33.5 hours per year, ie 3.5 days, for corporate training. Failure to receive adequate corporate training can make employees unhappy, resulting in reduced customer satisfaction and inevitable conflicts. According to the report prepared by London School of Economics (LSE) by analyzing the data of 1.8 million employees from 73 countries; happy employees are more productive and do not intend to leave the business while increasing customer loyalty and profitability. As employee satisfaction increases, productivity increases by 26% and employee circulation decreases by 25%.

76% of the requested content consists of face-to-face training and activities.

Turkey Training and Development Platform Association (TEGEP), according to data published by the Corporate Training and Research in corporate training and development unit in Turkey, working an average of 13 people. Looking at the process of training development, it is seen that approximately 35% of the training is developed by internal experts or trainers. The consulting or training company with proprietary developed or the proportion of the purchased training and 55% when we look at the most received training varieties in Turkey "leadership and personal development" at a rate of 26% is in the first place. Although the technology many innovative 76% of the requested content consists of face-to-face training and activities.

Enterprise world search engine: KATALOQ

In the era of digital transformation, corporate companies are trying to increase their productivity by moving their business processes to digital. However, corporate education research, which occupies a large volume in terms of the labor force, is still carried out with more manual methods. Companies need to collect offers from dozens of content providers for training and event services. In response to this need, the online platform KATALOQ, which brings together training providers and companies, finds solutions for every kind of training, activities, speakers and venues that corporate companies provide for their employees within seconds. KATALOQ, which is known as the search engine of the corporate world and successfully completed the beta process, will start to serve in September 2019. The platform, an indoor version of the process of Turkey's leading content providers and institutions consisting of the majority of the Fortune 500 enterprise users to the platform even added dozens.

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