14% of the population struggles with mental health problems and substance use disorders.

14% of the population struggles with mental health problems and substance use disorders.
27 August 2019

According to B2Press's research, 970 million people worldwide are struggling with mental health problems. The most common problems are depression and anxiety. While women accept that they experience depression more than men, men in Turkey are either unaware that they are depressed or do not accept it.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Online PR Agency B2Press examines data from the Washington Institute for Health Measurement and Assessment (IHME) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), examining mental health problems. It was observed that 970 million people worldwide suffer from mental health problems and substance use disorders, while depression and anxiety are the most common problems. B2Press, which examines the prevalence of mental health problems or substance use disorder by population in countries; Depression, anxiety, emotional eating disorders, schizophrenia, alcohol or drug use disorders, such as most of the problems with 18.38 percent in Australia, 17.73 percent in Iran and 17.7 percent in Greenland said. In Turkey, the proportion of people living with mental health problems and substance use disorders is equivalent to 14.31 percent of the population.

3.72% of the population in our country is depressed

Greenland is in the first place with 6.23%, Morocco is the second with 5.47% and Iran is the third with 5.08%. 3,72's percent of the population in Turkey, about 3 million people, is struggling with depression. According to data b2press compile Although it is estimated that fewer shares allocated than 1% of the total health budget on mental health in our country, worldwide 100 thousand people The number of psychiatrists 4, while nine European Union countries, this ratio was 1.6 in Turkey records.

Men in Turkey are either unaware that they are depressed or do not accept.

According to the OECD European Health Survey, which B2Press examines, women are more likely to accept depression than men. Among the OECD countries, 10 percent of the women participating in the survey stated that they had been depressed in the last 12 months, while 6 percent of men said that they had experienced depression. In many countries, men and ranged between 1 and 4 percent of the proportional difference between women in Turkey reaches 10 percent. Especially men in Turkey are not aware of or that they are depressed or do not want to accept this situation.

800 thousand people commit suicide every year in the world.

The fight against depression causes severe economic burdens with treatment costs and loss of workforce, as well as the effects of reduced productivity in schools and the workplace, social incompatibility. In France, as a result of absenteeism due to depression, more than 30 million days of work per year are spent, while the US costs more than $ 50 billion annually. Aside from the financial burden, depression causes suicides at an advanced stage. Every year 800 thousand people die as a result of suicides in the world, while the second cause of death among individuals aged 15-29 is ranked.

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