50% of adults in Turkey end the month with a negative balance

50% of adults in Turkey end the month with a negative balance
22 August 2019

In our country, where the use of bank accounts, credit cards and bank loans is increasing regularly, the level of financial literacy is quite low. Turkey, where only 24% of adults have basic financial knowledge, is ranked 120 out of 144 countries.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The use of financial instruments in many areas until the borrowing and investment options from basic banking transactions in Turkey is growing rapidly. While 33% of the adult population has at least one credit card, there are 150 million active banks and 66 million credit cards. The total number of people using consumer, vehicle and housing loans is 19.3 million. Despite such serious figures Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data, 69% of adults in Turkey express that they've mastered the basic financial concepts, only turns out to be a good financial literacy level of 24% of the questions asked as a result.

Indicating that Turkey's financial literacy level is at the same level as countries such as Vietnam, India and Jordan Founding Partner Onur Tekinturhan, "Turkey in the last period they fell to a negative balance at the end of 50% of adults months and 42% also get the debt that the report says. On the other hand, only 66% of the population invests their bills on time. When all data are taken into consideration, consumers must do research before borrowing by borrowing, banks should compare interest rates and budget accounts ”.

Consumers make comparisons on the Internet before taking out insurance or withdrawing loans.

Consumers in many financial decision-making processes from vehicle insurance to loan and deposit interest rates; As financial literacy levels increase, it uses online comparison platforms in order to get detailed information, compare products and services and save money in a short time. According to the data, the number of online loan comparison last 5 years in Turkey increased by 120%, reaching 1.5 million queries monthly average. Turkey Onur Tekinturh would say that many of the problems the source of meat of a lack of financial literacy levels, "financial information, lack of consumer fraud, such as errors in cost and profit-loss calculations as the root cause of many negatives emerges. At this point, there is a need for systems that are easy to use and understandable to meet consumer expectations. ”

A special software team is established for projects that will increase financial literacy.

Stating that they focus on creating a culture in Turkey the financial comparisons, Tekinturhan "Consumer credit and experience when purchasing insurance products where we want to convert from start to finish digitizing. We employ a software team of 20 people who will develop the necessary infrastructure for the user to perform financial transactions easily, quickly and safely. This team is working to increase the level of financial literacy in Turkey will be the largest software development team. Our software team will realize electronic integration projects with banks and insurance companies and make their financial processes more compatible with the digital world. With the financial calculation tools that we will develop, we take the role of consumers in making more effective decisions in financial processes. will be accessible, transparent, easy to use and comparable. ”

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