With Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Municipalities Can Contribute 25 Billion Turkish Lira A Year To The Economy

With Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Municipalities Can Contribute 25 Billion Turkish Lira A Year To The Economy
20 August 2019

Across the globe, local governments have begun to turn to smart city technologies to meet growing populations, limited resources and complex needs. Turkey, on the other hand, has the potential to contribute 25 billion TL annually to gross domestic product thanks to smart city technologies based on artificial intelligence that municipalities will implement.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 30 major cities in Turkey, 51 provinces, 919 districts and 397 municipalities, including the borough has a total of 1,397. Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to data 92.3% of the population living in the provinces and districts, while the proportion of people living in towns and villages just 7.7%. In the face of rapidly increasing populations of provinces and districts with the expectation of more jobs, better education and health services, the importance of investments made by municipalities with technology and artificial intelligence-based solutions are increasing day by day. Traffic congestion in Los Angeles is 35%, traffic at intersections is reduced by 20%, travel time is reduced by 13%, and consequently, fuel consumption is reduced by 12.5%.

Artificial intelligence technologies bring municipalities together

Turkey in recent years, the rapidly digitalized municipalities in artificial intelligence and automation applications to improve the quality of life of its citizens and seeks to savings in consumption of natural resources. In this context, de Technology Summit in Local Governments Door organized by Door Technology will be held on November 29, 2019 at Ataşehir Silence Hotel and Congress Center. 18 technology companies will participate in the summit of the 120 municipalities across Turkey; will provide intelligent city solutions provided by artificial intelligence and technology integration in many areas such as transportation, energy consumption, complaint management, waste separation, personnel and vehicle management, noise reduction and human resources. Summit from Turkey and several major cities around the world taking part as a speaker and lecturer mayor will transfer their experiences and future plans.

"Municipalities have the potential to save 15-30% with artificial intelligence"

One of the founders of Door Technology, Ozan Demir, who stated that artificial intelligence will contribute to the savings measures implemented to overcome the economic narrow strait of the municipalities, said, have a field of application. When we look at the examples in the world, we see that it is possible to save between 15 and 30% in service areas. Municipalities should take artificial intelligence among alternative solutions to overcome economic bottleneck.

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