Turkish entrepreneur makes a splash abroad by selling hardware products online

Turkish entrepreneur makes a splash abroad by selling hardware products online
09 August 2019

Emrah Durası, a young entrepreneur, succeed to sell products in his father's hardware store over the internet. The entrepreneur who does not listen to those who say hardware products wouldn’t sell online, now aims to grow his e-commerce business all over Europe through Germany.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 99% of companies serving the retail industry in Turkey, while SMEs constitute 80% of total employment. While SMEs, which hold 65% of total sales, cannot take a significant share of e-commerce, they prefer to abstain from accessing sufficient infrastructure and technical information for online sales. Emrah Durasi, the founder of, stated that they have destroyed the prejudices after serving in the hardware sector with traditional methods for many years and said they aim to grow in overseas markets. Durası added that he didn't listen to those who said that no one buys hardware products from the internet. “In 2006, when I was a university student, I sold my phone and a few things I didn't use. Then I saw the potential in e-commerce and started to think about how we could sell the products in our hardware store online. We first set up an amateur site and were unable to meet the demands. In 2007, we met with IdeaSoft and invested by purchasing a suitable e-commerce infrastructure. In the United States, just as it is today in Turkey are also able to sell its hardware products from the internet, "he said.

Our growth figures, which were 20% after entering e-commerce, exceeded 50%

Emrah Durası stated that the growth rate of companies has increased with the start of e-commerce activities and said, “We have been in the e-commerce sector professionally for 12 years with the advertisement and professional technical support services of IdeaSoft. While our company has an average growth rate of 10-20% every year, since 2009, we have steadily reached between 50% and 100% growth figures since 2009. We are currently making 45% of our sales through e-commerce ”. Emrah Durası, who also listed his recommendations for those who want to start e-commerce, said: olarak First of all, everyone should know that they can do e-commerce regardless of the product they sell. Although we sell products in a difficult area like hardware, commercial activities are shifting towards online environments. Anything that can be physically sold can also be sold through e-commerce. The biggest advantage is the ability to sell 24/7. Moreover, you don't need to know coding or software to sell products through e-commerce..

After the US, it is time for Germany

Emrah Durası also stated that the vision of the company has expanded thanks to e-commerce, “Istanbul to Gaziantep, Diyarbakir to Rize, if we can sell products to many cities, why we said we can not sell abroad. We have decided to make initiatives in foreign markets by conducting various researches. E-commerce was born in the US, where we want to get involved with the product we continued with them in Turkey and we were successful. With the warehouse we established in the USA, we sell ironing boards, textile products and kitchen products. In Germany, the company is in the process of setting up. Here we will act with a similar logic. We aim to reach an e-commerce network that extends through Germany to Europe and the UK. ”

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