Happy Employees increase revenue by 16% and, productivity by 26%

Happy Employees increase revenue by 16% and, productivity by 26%
08 August 2019

The London School of Economics (LSE) analyzed the impact of employee satisfaction on the performance of companies by analyzing the data of 1.8 million employees from 73 countries. According to the published report; happy employees are more productive and do not intend to quit​

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The London School of Economics researchers reviewed 339 research data on employee productivity and performance since the mid-90s and produced a very detailed report. As a result of the study, the data of 1.8 million employees from more than 80 thousand companies in 73 countries were analyzed; As employee satisfaction increases, productivity increases by 26% and employee circulation decreases by 25%. It is stated that the personnel turnover is low and in companies with productive employees, revenues have increased by 16% and customer loyalty has increased by approximately 31%.

In Turkey increased employee satisfaction, technology offers new opportunities.

Bulut Improving the company's performance has been considered as a commercial problem for many years, focusing solely on sales and marketing departments, bulut said the HR-based founding partner Caglar Yali. We see that employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and balance sheets have the power to influence many variables and happy employees take companies one step further. Last 5 years of international research on employee satisfaction in Turkey, Australia, Canada, Germany and begin to rise like that in New Zealand; China, Norway and the United States reveals that the decrease. At this point, the human resources teams are doing great work. In particular, employees view the increasing impact of technology in business as an opportunity. It notes that 86% of technology to facilitate the business conduct of employees in Turkey. Therefore, starting from human resources applications, digitalization offers opportunities for productivity and performance improvement. Because the digitalized processes ensure that employees work more safely and happily..

Happy employees in the finance and service sectors can be much more productive.

Evaluating the employees in the finance, retail, service and production sectors as separate groups, LSE researchers found that employee satisfaction increased the productivity of the employees in the finance sector by 30% and in the service sector by 21%. As a possible cause of employee dissatisfaction in the financial sector; Although they were working with higher salaries, they were seen as being under more stress and disorder in work-life balance. On the other hand, happy employees in the financial sector have the potential to increase customer loyalty by 37%.

Employee satisfaction mostly increases revenues in the manufacturing sector.

When the effects of happy employees on income are analyzed on a sectoral basis, the production sector comes first. Companies operating in the manufacturing sector can generate 42% more income than their competitors as a result of increasing employee satisfaction. This ratio is 22% in the financial sector, 14% in retail and 10% in the service sector.

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