‘Esma' is the first short of Felekşan Onar to be shown in Venice Glass Week

‘Esma' is the first short of Felekşan Onar to be shown in Venice Glass Week
06 August 2019

The Venice Glass Week invite again the famous glass artist Felekşan Onar from to celebrate a glass making journey from Murano to Istanbul.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey's leading glass artists from Felekş Onar, 7-15 September 2019 will be held between the dates of the famous Murano glass art with Italy's Venetian Glass Week to, attending as special guests jury. After the previous year, the artist who took part in the organization of the conference called “Murano - Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey II bu will also be showing the first screening of his short film“ Esma “. The film, which will be presented after the conference on September 10, is about the story of 900 glass lamps that Ismihan Sultan (Esma Sultan) ordered from Murano for Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque.

Felekşan Onar, who exhibited bridges made of glass at the Cam Murano-Istanbul: A Glass Making Journey ”conference, organized for the first time last year as part of Venice Glass Week, focused on the cultural interaction between Ottoman and Venice through the glass and the bilateral relationship that has survived to the present day. The second conference will take place this year and the topic of döneminde enamel work on glass during the Renaissance ula will be discussed. Italian and Turkish academics and historians will also participate in the conference.

The glass lamps of Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque were the subject of the film

Stating that the short film “Esma cak, which will be screened first after the conference, is prepared on Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Mosque, one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, and the lamps of this mosque, Felekşan Onar conveys the story with the following words: The mosque, which was built by Esma Sultan, the sister of Sultan Selim, is located in the Kadırgalar district in Istanbul. The mosque, which is the work of Mimar Sinan and one of the most beautiful examples of the period, has 900 glass lamps built by artisans in Murano. During the same period, despite the war for Venice and Cyprus, Esma Sultan ordered glass lamps from Venice and arrived in Istanbul and became an important indicator of glass art in our history. It is my pleasure to bring this historical value to art lovers in Venice, in the heart of glass art. ”

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