Turkish traveler visited 80 countries by the age of 30 and penned more than 15 thousand pages.

Turkish traveler visited 80 countries by the age of 30 and penned more than 15 thousand pages.
06 August 2019

Deniz Pehlivan, formerly a risk analyst, quit his job with the idea of running after a dream and, toured 80 countries with his backpack. The traveler, who wrote more than 15 thousand pages about his travels and has more than  250 thousand followers on social media.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Deniz Pehlivan, born and raised in Fethiye, started her journey to 80 countries 10 years ago with her backpack in pursuit of a dream. Thanks to a single intrerrail ticket, Deniz has started to travel to more than 30 countries in Europe. On May 1, he was at the Revolution Square in Cuba, wandering with the Bedouins in Morocco and sleeping in the desert, touring the places where the dead were thrown to the vultures in Iran and swimming with the elephants in Loas. The traveler, who has set his next course without leaving a country, will travel to nine more countries this year, including New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Cuba, Peru, Nepal and Chile.

He wrote more than 15 thousand articles about his travels

Deniz Pehlivan decided to share her travel suggestions in the cities she visited in the most practical way, since she could not find Turkish resources to examine while traveling and the available resources also included memories rather than guides. The traveler who created more than 15 thousand pages of content at demolished the perception of expensive travel in the minds of people with the economic travel guides he prepared. Traveling by sharing the steps to be taken before traveling, accommodation and eating and drinking suggestions without spending much money, places that can be visited according to the season, with its humble life and endless passion; Instagram (@birhayalinpesinde) 254 thousand and YouTube channel (Birhayalinpesinde) is followed by 83 thousand people. Instagram account of the instant sharing of the sea, YouTube channel in a humorous language reflects the impression of countries.

The most interesting experience is the cremation ceremony in India

Among the countries he has traveled to this time, Deniz said that he had the most interesting experience in India by participating in the cremation ceremonies and said: görmek Seeing different religions and cultures has different effects on people. You either fall in love with India or you hate it. There is no break. If you open your heart, there's always beauty to offer you. Therefore, it is the most memorable country of my life. The culture fascinates people rather than the sights. According to Hinduism belief, it is necessary to burn the dead to release the soul. I watched these ceremonies live in Varanisi. I still have that chaos, mayhem and lamentation in my mind. After watching the cremation ceremonies, he sits on the banks of the Ganges river and dives into the thoughts that question his human life. I had the opportunity to travel around the world's fastest trains in Japan and taste the world's most expensive meat Kobe steak. ”

The question I get the most is: "Is your father rich, how can you walk around? ”

Deniz Pehlivan stated that her articles on were prepared with care to make it possible for the travelers to take a route and to travel easily and cheaply. The most frequently asked questions are: "Is your father too rich? Do you have a job where you make a lot of money?" However, passion for travel is important. This is a love. For me, it all started with the love of a backpack. I spent less than $ 50 a day in countries like Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, France and Germany. For this reason, I am writing thousands of articles for my blog to explain that it is possible to travel cheaply through economic means. ”

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