Air Conditioners Consume 85% of the Electricity Produced by Atatürk Dam in Summer

Air Conditioners Consume 85% of the Electricity Produced by Atatürk Dam in Summer
30 July 2019

B2Press calculated the total electrical energy consumed in Turkey as a result of increased air conditioning usage during the summer months. According to the review, the air conditioners that we use for cooling during the 3-month summer spend about 85% of the electricity produced by Atatürk Dam in a year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - While air conditioning was formerly used as luxury, it was due to the temperatures above seasonal norms, especially in summer months; became a need for homes, businesses, public institutions, cafes and restaurants. about 12 million household in Turkey is expected that air conditioning is actively used. According to the online PR Agency B2Press, an average of 18,000 BTU air conditioner, which runs on average 6 hours a day to cool off, consumes approximately 630 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity during the quarter. This account is moving from Turkey in three months during the summer air conditioning used 12 million of the total consumption of 7.8 billion kilowatt hours (kWh), ie to 7,560 gigawatts (GW) coincide. The energy consumption of Ataturk, Turkey's largest hydropower plant, which produced 8,900 gigawatt dam a year (GW) of electricity is equivalent to 85%.

Most air conditioning export from Turkey to Italy

Increased use of air conditioners and the need to stimulate the air conditioning market. According to the data of the Air Conditioning Refrigeration Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association (İSKİD) and Air Conditioning Industry Exporters Association (İSİB) examined by B2Press, 1,012,185 split air conditioners were sold last year and 303,988 split air conditioners were exported. In 2000, Turkey has no air conditioning üretilmiyork which today has reached the production capacity to meet the requirements of the European case. Between January and April 2019, the highest number of air conditioner exports was made to Italy. Last year, the amount of exports to Italy was just under 30 million dollars, while this year figures are approaching 40 million dollars. The air conditioning sector is growing every year by including environmental and alternative energy opportunities.

Each degree dropped in air conditioners in summer increases electricity consumption by 10%.

The figures from B2Press's analysis show once again the importance of electricity savings. Contrary to popular belief, setting the air conditioner to the lowest temperature does not allow us to achieve faster cooling. First of all, we have to choose the highest temperature that we will be comfortable with. This is generally considered to be 24-26 ° C temperature conditions in Turkey. Each degree we drop increases the electricity consumption of the air conditioner by 10%. The basic saving measures when using air conditioners are as follows:

  • When buying air conditioners, choose Class A air conditioners with the least energy consumption.
  • Do not set your air conditioner to a very low temperature when operating in cooling mode. Each degree you drop will increase the electricity consumption of the air conditioner by 10%.
  • Do not keep the blowing speed of your air conditioner, known as the fan setting, higher than necessary. This way you can't get cooler faster.
  • On damp days, operate your air conditioner in dehumidification mode.
  • On very hot days, shut off your curtains or blinds and shut off the sun.
  • Renew your old air conditioners. Older air conditioners use up to 40% more energy than new air conditioners for the same cooling performance.
  • Clean and maintain the filters of your air conditioner periodically.

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