Voice Technologies Prevent $ 300 Billion Phone Fraud

Voice Technologies Prevent $ 300 Billion Phone Fraud
25 July 2019

Opus Research analyzed voice authentication solutions of 13 global technology companies, among them Sestek from Turkey. The report found that, thanks to voice and communication technologies, about $ 300 billion of phone fraud are prevented each year.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In the report entitled “2019 Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometry an published by the US-based research and consulting firm Opus Research last month; 13 of the world's leading technology companies providing software, services and platforms for voice biometrics-oriented authentication were analyzed. According to a report from Turkey's Sestek takes place, using the solutions of the analyzed companies is approximately 600 million customer voice and signature verification process that occurs 2 billion annually determined. Thanks to the said transactions, approximately $ 300 billion of phone fraud was blocked.

The report also mentioned the voice signature project that Sestek, which offers international solutions in the field of voice technologies, was launched in 2011 with Türk Telekom. The project, which shortened the call times with the call center and increased customer satisfaction, is among the world's largest voice biometry projects with the number of voice signatures.

Among the world's leading technology manufacturers

Sestek CEO Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan said, olarak As Sestek, we are developing world-class technologies. Thanks to our sustainable R & D activities, we continuously improve our existing technologies. Thus, we are able to offer solutions that meet the expectations of today's customers in the most accurate way. ‘Voice biometry’ solutions, Opus Research, which is one of the leading research companies in the world, take part in the latest report of our success in this regard.

What is voice biometry?

Voice biometry, also referred to as a voice signature, is a verification method that is based on the fact that human voice is personalized just like fingerprints and retinas. Unlike traditional security measures such as passwords, passwords and security questions, the fact that it is unforgettable and the analysis of users' voices based on over 100 parameters makes voice biometry much safer.

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