Electric car owners pay 75% less Motor Vehicles Tax

Electric car owners pay 75% less Motor Vehicles Tax
16 July 2019

Because of its energy efficiency and low carbon emissions, the electric cars, called vehicles of the future, draw attention with the advantage it provides in Motor Vehicles Tax. According to credit and insurance comparison site data, electric car owners pay 75% less MVT.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - to promote the use of electric cars in Turkey and many studies done around the world in 2018, Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) was least affected by the type of cars from the hike. MTV increased by 15.9% in 2019; electric cars are subject to 75% less tax than gasoline and diesel ones. In 2019, 861 TL MTV was determined for gasoline and diesel cars between 1-3 years and up to 46.300 TL, while 215 TL MTV was applied for electric cars of the same characteristics. MTV ratio in electric cars varies according to the value of the vehicle's engine power in kW.

MTV hike reached record level in 2019

According to the data of, the increase rates seen in MTV by years are 3% in 2014, 10.1% in 2015, 5.58% in 2016, 3.83% in 2017 and 15.9% in 2018. found. For vehicles purchased after 2018, the rate of increase can reach up to 50% as MTV is calculated according to engine volume and sales price. In the last 5 years of MTV, motor vehicle owners have to reach the correct information about the tax they will pay shortly against the changing price ranges.

Pay attention to those who do not pay MTV!

The payment period for the second installment of MTV continues until the end of July. If not paid, vehicle owners may face criminal sanctions. According to the Highways Traffic Law, all registered motor vehicles are obliged to pay MTV. The amount to be paid is determined according to the increase rate announced by the Revenue Administration at the end of each year. In case of non-payment of MTV, a monthly interest rate of 2.5% is applied, and foreclosures and fines can be faced. Moreover, inspection, control and sales of vehicles that are not paid MTV are not performed. For those who have not yet paid the second installment of MTV, provides tax calculation based on vehicle specifications and enables vehicle owners to carry out their transactions.

Car owners began to make transactions from the internet

According to vehicle age, type and volume of cylinders, MTV payments are used by nearly 3 million users every year for the use of their platforms. Member of the Board of Directors Onur Tekinturhan said, de When we examine MTV inquiry and traffic insurance purchase rates, we found that vehicle owners prefer online platforms. In addition, every year 300 thousand vehicle owners make their insurance by using digital platforms such as and ”.

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