İçim Daily Milk In Its New Generation Bottle With First Day Freshness

İçim Daily Milk In Its New Generation Bottle With First Day Freshness
11 July 2019

Aiming to increase milk consumption through innovative products, Içim offers pasteurized milk to consumers in the freshness of the first day with its next generation transparent packaging.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey over the reach scrupulously the collected farm milk at the dinner table then 16 different test inside, aims to increase the consumption of milk with innovative products developed taking into consideration the changing needs of the consumer research and insights. In this context, İçim takes an innovative step and carries the pasteurized milk to a new generation transparent and durable bottle, preserving the freshness of milk in the first day with its special packaging. Unlike cardboard and opaque bottles; The new generation bottles that make milk visible and offer ease of transportation stand out with their resistance to breaking and crushing.

“Consumer's expectation from milk: Freshness, flavor and nutritional value

As a result of the market research, when buying milk, Selim Dora Falay, Marketing Director of İçim stated that consumer priorities are freshness, flavor, ease of transportation, preservation of nutritional value and accessible price. “We aim to provide consumers with the freshest milk. For this reason, as a result of our long-term R & D activities, we carried the pasteurized milk produced to the new generation transparent bottles, which are considered as the packaging of the future in the milk category with a rising trend around the world. We added pasteurized milk in transparent bottles that provide ease of use and seeing the milk. In particular, we do not skim milk from our refrigerators; We also made it resistant to crushing, explosion and breakage. Thanks to the new generation transparent bottles we have developed and the special cap we use, we make it easier for consumers to reach quality, fresh and nutritionally preserved milk safely. Kul

New member of the pasteurized milk family: chocolate milk

In addition to full-fat, semi-fat and plain varieties in the new generation transparent bottle, Selin Dora Falay talked about the chocolate milk that even the non-dairy family will enjoy with the new milk. does not give. In the coming period, we will continue our efforts to introduce innovative products to consumers and increase milk consumption. ”

About İçim:

Having entered the milk and dairy products market in 1998, Ak Gıda's consumer brand İçim has been meeting consumers with many natural, delicious, quality, hygienic and nutritious products from milk to yoghurt, from kefir to fresh cheese to ready-made pudding. Turkey consumed around the inside lovingly since 1998, and continues to work listening to consumers considering their needs. As of 2015, İçim brings 126 different products to consumers in 13 main categories: milk, yoghurt, cheese, buttermilk, butter, kefir, cream and cream and ranks among the top 3 brands in the milk and dairy products market. is

About Ak Gıda:

Founded in 1996, Ak Gıda is the largest enterprise in the dairy sector with its 6 production facilities and a daily processing capacity of 4,900 tons of milk. Ak Gıda's journey, which started with UHT milk, yogurt, feta and kashar cheese production, continues today with about 330 products ranging from cottage cheese to creamy yoghurts, milk desserts to kefir.