Barikat took its place among IT giants once again

Barikat took its place among IT giants once again
09 July 2019

Barikat was awarded the first prize in the category of “Security Service Provider” in which all companies producing solutions in the field of cyber security were included in the “Top 500 IT companies in Turkey 2018” survey.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The results of the first 500 IT companies survey were announced on Thursday, July 4 with a ceremony held at the historical Grand Pera Emek Cinema. Companies were evaluated in 48 different categories based on 2018 net sales revenues in the Bilişim 500 Company Survey, which was held for the 20th time this year. Barikat Internet Security received the first prize in the “Security Service Provider” category with its net sales revenue of TL 20 million with its closest competitor in the “Security Service Provider, category and TL 43 million as a group of companies.

With this first place; Despite the barricades only operate in the cyber security field, among Turkey's top 100 IT companies and "Top 10 IT Companies Ankara" was able to take place in the category. In 2018, where many of the top 500 IT companies showed negative growth compared to 2017 USD turnover, they achieved 24% growth in USD basis.

In addition to providing services to the corporate and private sectors in the Marmara region in 2017, Barikat Information Technologies, which was established to provide cyber security solutions abroad, also achieved a great success by entering the “Security Service Provider” list in the 5th rank. At the same time, Barikat BT entered the 5. Fastest Growing IT Company ”category in the 1 Last 1 Year 5. category and displayed a growth of over 100% in terms of USD turnover compared to 2017.

Solution-oriented service strategy
Barricades cyber domestic security solutions and residence stating except that innovative and take some to be goal-oriented barricades CEO Murat Hussein cordially, "the difference created in the industry for ten years, advancing barricade with confident steps and overseas market in Turkey, despite the intense competitive environment ; innovative domestic / foreign technology solutions, products and services resulting from R & D. Barikat considers contributing to the solution of the biggest problems of our country as raising the labor force and creating cyber security awareness as a duty of being a 100% Turkish company. Our 10-year intensive work has contributed to our success, as well as the company management strategy we have recently pursued and the administrative stability we maintain with all our employees. However, the biggest share; it is for our customers who enable us to take part in their projects and our colleagues who work day and night to fulfill this responsibility properly. ”

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About Barikat Cyber ​​Security

Founded in 2008, barricades, since its inception, specializing in cyber security IT security firm has been a pioneer in the field of vertical Turkey. The company, which sets out with the slogan “Produce Correct Solutions”, summarizes this effort as çalışmak Trying to increase the information security level of its customers without taking the manufacturer's agenda temel. R & D of the concepts and perspectives in the field of human, process and technology; Trying to bring innovations in this field with institutions and organizations is one of the most fundamental company targets.