Joint Textile Production Move From Turkey To Global Market

Joint Textile Production Move From Turkey To Global Market
08 July 2019

The world's largest manufacturer of integrated polyester Indian Reliance Industries and Turkey's textile giant Kivanc Textile shook hands to co-produce R|Elan GreenGold 2.0 fabric products with sustainability features for global clothing brands.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Reliance Industries (RIL) and Kıvanç Tekstil have agreed to offer retailers the best quality eco-friendly textile solutions together and to use RIL's Recron GreenGold sustainable specialty fibers to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly garments worldwide.

Kivanc Textile, RI | Elan Greengold fabrics as the sole distributor in Turkey as well as the production and marketing of the brand Recro the Greengold, fibers and yarns for weaving and knitting segments will also offer products to the market.

Ziya Kıvanç, Chairman of the Kıvanç Tekstil Board of Directors, said: ık We set out with the mission of being a brand that is sensitive to human health and the environment, reliable, customer satisfaction oriented and producing quality fabrics. In order to realize our vision of being the number one choice of leading brands in the world fashion with our innovation and quality, we have never compromised our environmentally sensitive and sustainable approaches at every stage of production from fiber to fabric. Partnership with Reliance Industries is an important undertaking in achieving our mission. The exclusive distribution of Recron GreenGold fibers and yarns and the manufacturer of R | Elan GreenGold fabrics will provide us with rapid growth opportunities. We are grateful to Reliance who is on his way to accomplish our mission and opens the doors for us. Kul

Gunjan Sharma, the marketing director of Reliance-Polyester, said: açık It is a pleasure to cooperate with a world-renowned company such as Kıvanç Tekstil. With the production capabilities of sustainable R | Elan GreenGold and Kıvanç Tekstil, we will create striking innovative fabrics to meet the growing demand of consumers for high-quality world-friendly garments. ”

Kıvanç Tekstil produces 18 million meters of fabric per year.

The production excellence of Kıvanç Tekstil will be strengthened with the support of high quality Recron GreenGold fibers and the experienced technical team of Reliance Industries. Kivanc Textile is one of Turkey's largest textile company, providing services to European and American fashion brand with high quality standards. The company performs yarn, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing operations in its integrated facilities; manufactures 18 million meters of fabrics annually from a wide range of blends made from polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, tencel, modal and wool.

Textile products are becoming more sensitive to human health and the environment.

Reliance Industries, the registered owner of the R | Elan and Recron brands, stands out as the largest pet bottle recycling company in India with a volume of 2.2 billion pet bottles conversion per year. Made from recycled PET bottles, R | Elan GreenGold significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The production of dyed fiber fabric does not require much water. 90% of the water used can be recycled. End-to-end traceability across the supply chain is provided while biofuels are used in production.

Contact: Textile Kivanc, Turkey | +90 322 441 09 15 |

About Kıvanç Tekstil: With its quality and product variety and innovation in fabric production, Kıvanç Tekstil rivets its position in local and global markets, producing 18 million meters of fabric per year with its rich collection especially for global garment fashion brands in European and American markets. Innovative approach and know-how in the sector leads to long-term cooperation with fashion retail brands by producing high quality fabrics with professional business ethics. Kıvanç Tekstil, which ranked as 335th according to 2018 export figures, ranked 13th in the sectoral ranking.

About Reliance Industries Limited (RIL): In its fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, RIL has a net profit of INR 622,809 ($ 90.1 billion), cash generation of INR 64,478 ($ 9.3 billion) and a net profit of INR 39,588 ($ 5.7 billion). is the largest private sector company. RIL's activities include hydrocarbon exploration and production, oil refinery and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and digital services. RIL is Fortune's first Indian private sector company on the Global 500 list - currently ranked 148th in terms of revenue and 99th in terms of profits, ranked 83th in the 2018 ‘Forbes Global 2000’. Linkedin's 10th place in India's Best Companies to Work for (2019).