“E-commerce eliminates inequality of opportunity.”

“E-commerce eliminates inequality of opportunity.”
03 July 2019

Ideasoft organized a series of trainings called #eticaretkadinlari to incorporate women into the workforce and introduced e-commerce to more than a thousand women in 1.5 years.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, 72% of our country's working-age men and women attending only the 33% of the workforce. For 6.5 million women who cannot participate in working life due to inequalities of opportunity, pressure and bad conditions, as well as the needs of home and children, e-commerce offers many opportunities without limits and restrictions. Turkey's leading e-commerce infrastructure provider Ideasoft, since the beginning of 2018 to 33% each year take place in the growing e-commerce market of women's initiatives "#eticaretkadin" are organizing a series of events by name. Finally, in May, with the support of BizBizze Women's Idea Support Association, 40 women who took a break from business life and wanted to return to the sector received e-commerce training. Thus, the number of women trained in 15 seminars held since the beginning of 2018 has exceeded one thousand.

“E-commerce offers equal opportunities for everyone”

Seyhun Özkara, CEO of Ideasoft and Member of TOBB E-commerce Assembly, states that women use technology very well and realize their ideas more easily. “Technology provides equal opportunities to all by eliminating all the negativities. We want to contribute to the national economy by supporting our women entrepreneurs by creating opportunities for them in the field of e-commerce and increasing women's labor force participation rate. ” Seyhun Özkara stated that many women entrepreneurs in different sectors started to operate through e-commerce. “Our women entrepreneurs started to sell their products, earn money and generate value for the national economy. Women who started e-commerce activities can eliminate all inequalities in business life by giving their own struggles ”.

Technology companies and NGOs join forces for women

Oft Seminars for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs tarafından by Ideasoft, where more than a thousand women have received certified training since the beginning of 2018; KAGIDER, BizBizze Association, Bursa Yildirim Municipality, Luleburgaz Municipality, Gulf Chamber of Commerce and Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry. e-commerce infrastructure in education, payment systems, when discussing topics such as online marketing and logistics, all of these issues to the participants Single Guide, iPara, UPS, EG Informatics, iyzico was transferred by important institutions in Turkey as DigiD code and access. Ideasoft continues to support women entrepreneurs in local governments, women's co-operatives, foundations and associations in 2019, and aims to reach 1,000 more women by the end of the year.

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