Antalya Homes Celebrates the Closer Ties between India and Turkey

Antalya Homes Celebrates the Closer Ties between India and Turkey
22 June 2019

Antalya Homes, the leading real estate company in Turkey, celebrates the closer relationship between India and Turkey after selling property and issuing Turkish citizenship to the 43rd Indian citizen. Antalya Homes welcomes the relationship between which has been accelerated by developments in tourism and aviation.

According to TurkStat data more than 150 thousand Indians visited Turkey in 2018 and 2,200 Indians migrated to the country. Sanjay Bhattacharyya, the Indian Ambassador to Ankara, stated that the number of Indian visitors to Turkey has increased by 80% in the past year.

The codeshare agreement executed between IndiGo and Turkish Airlines, boosted the expectations from the year 2019. Cooperation of two companies one having the largest market share in India, the other being the airline that flies to the highest number of countries across the world creates real value. This cooperation is the first step in IndiGo’s strategy to extend its international network of flights and offer uninterrupted connections to 20 global destinations including Amsterdam, London and New York for the 30 million tourists who fly from India every year. This Co-operation is expected to quickly expand commercial and touristic relations between the two countries. The Turkish tourism sector is hoping to entertain 1 million Indian tourists by 2020.

Also, traditional Indian weddings are worth mentioning as those who prefer a wedding abroad tend to favour Antalya in Turkey. The budget of Indian weddings, which has increased by 7 times in the last 5 years in Turkey, ranges from 0,000 to million.

Visa-free travel to 115 countries is possible with Turkish citizenship.

Turkey offers citizenship opportunities to foreigners and their families who purchase houses or land worth more than 0,000. Turkey attracts the eye with its powerful passport and improved health and education facilities. Those who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship do not have to purchase a single house or land, they can purchase multiple real estates above the total value of 0,000. A Turkish passport, offers the possibility to travel visa-free to 115 countries.

Antalya Homes have sold homes to thousands of people from 74 countries so far. Bayram Tekce, Chairman of Antalya Homes, says, “In the last 6 months, we helped 43 Indian citizens purchase properties and smoothly obtain citizenship in Turkey. Upon the decision to purchase real estate, Antalya Homes completes the citizenship procedure in 30 days only by means of a power of attorney. Detailed information about the process steps can be found on our website”.

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