İtelligence Turkey not to break the tradition

İtelligence Turkey not to break the tradition
25 June 2019

itelligence Turkey won 4 awards in SAP Partners Day!

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Business applications in the leading software SAP's international ecosystem located in the largest business itelligence Turkey from its partners organized each year by the traditional SAP Turkey and this year the Day of all partners bring SAP Partners were divided into 4 awards. Itelligence continues to be the crowning achievement of the prizes to the outstanding performance shown by Turkey during the year; Given by SAP Turkey Top Revenue Winning Partner, Highest On-Premise License Revenue Generating Partner, Highest Cloud Human Resources Income Producing Partner and Top Cloud Customer Experience Revenue Generating Partner has continued the tradition deemed worthy of the prize.

Itelligence successfully obtained from the relevant explanations Turkey CEO Dr. Consult the Abdülbahr, "In Turkey, SAP's largest partner in the clear difference in the ecosystem, this special day is almost turning into the rain awards this year, we were quite happy. Who contributed to this great success and contributed to the 830 people I heartily congratulate all my teammates Turkey itelligence family. the driving force behind our solutions of SAP innovations in Turkey, we are proud to provide our customers achieve their sustainable development goals using technology. In this direction, I would like to thank all our customers for whom we cooperate strategically and turn the projects we produce together into success stories. ”

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