The number of Pakistani visitors to Turkey has grown by 50% to reach 100 thousand.

The number of Pakistani visitors to Turkey has grown by 50% to reach 100 thousand.
20 June 2019

ISLAMABAD (PK) - Despite their geographical distance, Turkey and Pakistan have been building on their long-lasting friendship and brotherhood with cooperation in many fields. Boosted by Pakistan Prime Minister Amir Khan’s visit to Turkey at the beginning of the year, increased number of flights, reduced ticket prices and the chance to travel visa-free to Turkey, the number of Pakistani visitors to Turkey increased by 50% in 2018. Last year, a total of 100 thousand Pakistanis, including 1.500 immigrants apart from tourists, visited Turkey. Pakistanis find Turkey attractive because the relation between people of the two countries is termed as “brotherhood".

In recent years, Pakistanis prefer Turkey when purchasing properties. Turkey offers the chance of citizenship to foreigners and their families who purchase properties or lands with a total value of 250 thousand dollars and makes a strong impression with the money's worth houses and improved health and education facilities. Turkey also presents higher quality buildings for prices similar to that of Pakistan and comes up with attractive opportunities for real estate investors.

It is possible to buy 30% larger and higher quality houses in Turkey than in Europe and the USA

Known for its significant construction projects at global scale and its quality of construction, Turkey is where houses at least 30% larger than those in countries such as England, Canada and Australia can be purchased, thanks to affordable prices. Built with quality materials, the apartments have many benefits ranging from special ceramics to built-in products. Turkey competes with the comfortable mansions in Europe with its large and spacious apartments constructed using special materials.

Saying that they have sold homes to thousands of people from 74 countries so far, Bayram Tekce, Chairman of Turkey's leading real estate company Antalya Homes continues, “In the last 6 months, we helped 172 Pakistan citizens purchase homes and smoothly obtain citizenship in Turkey. Upon the decision to purchase a real estate, Antalya Homes completes the citizenship procedure of the landowners in 30 days only by means of a power of attorney. Detailed information about the process steps can be found in our website”.

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