Famous producer Mehmet Derun's first single was released.

Famous producer Mehmet Derun's first single was released.
13 June 2019

Composer and producer of many artists in the United States, Mehmet Derun's first single in Turkey, “Deli Gönlüm”, was presented to the audience on digital platforms. The artist will donate all of the revenue from his new album to foundations and associations operating for orphans.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Famous producer Mehmet Derun, who lives in the USA, first appeared in Turkish music lovers with his new single “Deli Gönlüm“, which carries Anatolian pop-rock sounds of the 70s. The lyrics of Barış Manço Rock Association Honorary President Serkan Hacıömeroğlu, whose music belongs to Mehmet Derun, achieved great success with the number of views he reached in a short time. Earlier in the United States, Lady Gaga producer RedOne, Akon, Dinah Jane Hansen (Fifth Harmony) and Jordan Smith had the opportunity to work with famous names such as Mehmet Derun, Parker Matthews is known for his contributions to the work.

Anatolian pop-rock spirit of the 70s revives!

Mehmet Derun, who made explanations about the preparation process of the work, said, “The lyrics of the song express a loving heart poetically in contrast to the semantic gaps that we see in most of the present-day works. When I saw the skillfully crafted lyrics, I could not stop my desire to compose. First, we did record the guitar, we have made our last studio musician in Los Angeles and have made them acclaim in Turkey, "he said. Derun continued: “This song conveys the soul of Anatolian pop-rock music we longed for, while at the same time it contains the music rhythms of our day. The harmony revealed the lyrics and music, listeners in Turkey, I believe it will take you to the old days. "

You can watch the video of Mehmet Derun's new song Deli Gönlüm on YouTube.

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About Mehmet Derun

Born in Istanbul, Mehmet Derun studied music at the Los Angeles Musicians Institute. Mehmet Derun, who worked with the world famous American singer RedOne for a long time, started his own studio and started to produce new projects. He wrote and produced the songs of Parker Matthews, one of Los Angeles's most successful pop artists. Mehmet Derun, who has over 100 lyrics in Turkish and English, has brought together his musical experiences with Turkish music with his first single, "Deli Gönlüm". Mehmet Derun is also the son of Cem Karaca's first band, the legendary drummer of Apaş Timur Fildişi.