June 1, World Milk Day: We Drink 1 Cup Of Milk Every 3 Days!

June 1, World Milk Day: We Drink 1 Cup Of Milk Every 3 Days!
30 May 2019

In Turkey, which is one of the top 10 countries in the world in milk production, approximately 1 glass of milk is drunk in 3 days per person. Except for drinking milk, especially yogurt and cheese consumption is high in Turkey, which increases the figure. World Health Organization recommends that individuals of all ages should drink 2 glasses of milk a day.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), according to data gathered about 9 million tons of milk from farmers every year in Turkey. 36% of the products obtained from processed milk, drinking milk, 26% yogurt, 16.5% cheese, 16% ayran, 4% consist of butter, milk powder and cream. Among the top 10 countries in the world milk production in Turkey, while consumption does not reach the desired level. Selin Dora Falay, Marketing Director of İçim, said: "It is expected that a country that ranks first in the world in production will be at the top in consumption. However, drinking milk consumption in our country is far below the European average.The European average of 60 liters per person per year in the drinking milk consumed only 34 liters of milk drunk in Turkey. However, apart from drinking milk, yogurt and cheese consumption in Turkey, especially in our actually much higher because of the high average. The consumption of milk and dairy products per capita exceeds 250 liters as milk equivalent."

We can make our children at an early age with innovative products.

Indicating that the low milk consumption in Turkey can be enhanced with innovative and functional products Selin Dora Falay "Although we know most of us to consume about the benefits of milk on a regular basis we're not careful and disciplined. Considering the statistics in the world, unfortunately, quite below the list of milk consumption in Turkey. Turkey's largest producer of milk and milk products as food Aka, our then 16 different test site located inside our brand, we are diversifying as we work diligently milk. In this way, from 7 to 70 is addressed to all ages and especially our children are working to drink fondly. We aim to increase the interest in milk with new product categories such as lactose-free, light, organic, protein, chocolate and fruit milk. E Ler We are expanding the mass appealed by the milk while bringing innovation to the market with the products we produce for the consumer's needs, le said Falay. In order to gain new consumption habits and to love the milk, we appeal to different tastes with our freshly consumed strawberry and chocolate daily milk varieties. Furthermore, we meet the expectations and needs of consumers who are distant to milk due to various reasons with different functional products that we offer. Uzak

World Health Organization: Milk prevents the brain from aging. 

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) The Contribution of Milk and Milk Products in Human Nutrition ısı in his study, milk, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc required for a healthy life; A, C, D, B6, and B12 is also an important source of vitamins. According to the studies of the World Health Organization, 1 cup of milk meets 48% of the daily protein needs of children of developmental age, and it is recommended that individuals of all ages drink 2 cups of milk a day. High protein that meets the energy needs of the brain in the brain to prevent aging of the brain called Acetyl Cartin also contains.

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