Field forces are wasting 65% of their time!

Field forces are wasting 65% of their time!
29 May 2019

The eyes of many companies in the field and operational processes were software. According to research, field forces of companies spend about 30 hours a week for non-sales activities. While the biggest reason for this loss is diffuse communication processes, it is possible to increase productivity by up to 40% with the digitization of field forces.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - The number of field workers having a big share in the company achieve its sales target exceeded 800 thousand in Turkey. The digitalization of the management of on-site teams and the correct co-ordination of the workforce provide a significant increase in efficiency. According to Ekmob, 100% local software that provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for field employees, field workers use only 35% of their time for sales activities, which are their main tasks. The biggest reason for inefficiency is distributed communication processes with 20%, while the lack of planning processes is second with 15%. Field employees are also losing 30% of their time due to address lookup, reporting and other reasons. According to Ekmob's 2018 data, field teams perform more than half of their visits without a plan, an average field worker makes 3.7 visits a day and the average duration of a visit is 34 minutes. The most used mobile device is Android smartphones.

”The focus of the field teams on sales is saving thousands of pounds.“

According to the results of Ekmob's analysis of the anonymized data of thousands of field workers from different companies, the new customer acquisition rate of the companies that provide the coordination of field teams by digital methods increases by 20% on average. At the same time, the performance of field teams increased by 22% and the productivity of visits increased by 30%. Sunay Şener, the Founding Partner of Ekmob, said that ölç The software we developed is increasing the customer acquisition rate and loyalty while measuring the quality and efficiency of the teams. The 30% increase in the efficiency of a field team of 10 people saves more than 270 thousand liras annually in team cost. 10

Field teams entrusted to software

Retail banking, ranging from health to energy, offering services to companies from many different sectors Ekmob, used every day by thousands of field workers all over Turkey. With its modular and customizable structure, Sunay Şener stated that there are also big brands such as ING Bank, British American Tobacco, TEMSA, LG, Fıratpen, Pirelli and among the customers of Ekmob who provide solutions suitable for the needs of small, medium and large-scale enterprises. The biggest problem of the field teams to use scattered communication tools, order information from different sources of collection and lack of tracking systems leads to inefficient labor management, lar he said. Sunay Şener stated that they offer end-to-end solutions for companies operating in the field. Yönetim Ekmob, which is presented with cloud-based and SaaS model, enables company managers who are field operations to provide their teams with effective management and monitoring while allowing employees to realize their business plans much more efficiently. 

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