Sestek introduced the world's first Urdu-speaking virtual assistant in Pakistan.

Sestek introduced the world's first Urdu-speaking virtual assistant in Pakistan.
29 May 2019

Standing out in international markets with the sound and communication technologies it has developed, Sestek has now achieved a great success by launching the world's first Urdu-speaking virtual assistant. The assistant, introduced in Karachi, Pakistan, works with high performance in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, where more than 100 million people speak.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - in the field of nature and sound technologies from Turkey, which has become one of the world's leading companies Sestek, the Virtual Assistant technology that can interact with voice commands in English, then in Arabic and 9 languages that take place in the Russian took service in Urdu. Introduced in the city of Karachi in Pakistan, Pakistan was the first Urdu speaking virtual assistant. Virtual Assist, which allows users to engage in dialogue with natural expressions as if they were people, turns them into smart assistants that can be interacted with, from smartphones to cars, from voice assistants to household appliances. If necessary, users can direct additional questions to understand what you mean Sestek Virtual Assistant technology, developed by Arçelik, Turkey's first intelligent assistant is used in an assistant.

Domestic technologies are appreciated in the global market!

Sorumlu I am honored to present the first Urdu Virtual Assistant in Karachi, Genel said Ahmet Subaşı, Assistant General Manager responsible for sales. The Virtual Assistant was greeted with great enthusiasm by an elite industry leader. The technology we have developed makes it possible to establish a seamless dialogue with the superior recognition performance of Sestek Natural Dialogue technologies. This success in Urdu, which is known to be quite difficult, indicates that we have a great potential in the Pakistani market with our innovative sound and artificial intelligence technologies. Oldukça

”Just for a lot of work is enough.“

Ahmet Subaşı stated that Virtual Assistant has made speeches meaningful, and responds to the needs with high accuracy and speed. Emi With Virtual Assistant, you can manage various devices in your home, follow the agenda, check your e-mails, get recipes and do many things like banking transactions, . Sestek Virtual Assistant's smart dialogue interface allows users to express their wishes and expectations in words they wish, said Subaşı.

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