10% of bus tickets are canceled during holiday periods

10% of bus tickets are canceled during holiday periods
28 May 2019

Millions of people across Turkey, counting the days for the 9-day Eid al-Fitr holiday. 2.5 million people in Istanbul are preparing to leave the city. Even though most of the services are full, the eyes of those wishing to spend the holiday out of town are on additional trips and tickets that getting canceled up to 10% at the last minute.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - In Turkey the opportunity to connoisseurs 9 day holiday, flock to the bus to go to their home towns and resorts. The majority of the bus tickets sold almost all of the pre-fest tickets for the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Online ticket purchase platform, during the festival will be held from Istanbul to 25 thousand times a total of 1 million passengers will be moved, and the number of days before the holiday tickets have been largely exhausted.

Seat alarm's coming to your rescue

Yigit Gürocak, CEO of stated that bus tickets could be canceled more easily than other transportation vehicles. .Com One of every 10 tickets for bus trips is canceled due to various reasons. Those who have left their tickets for the holiday to the last minute or who cannot find any free time can set up an ’Empty Seat Alarm bilet via and can be notified immediately of canceled tickets and additional flights son. Yiğit Gürocak stated that buying tickets on the internet gave many different advantages to the consumer. Ca Users can buy tickets without commission in a fast and safe way by finding the chance to compare the tickets of tens of different companies in If the ticket needs to be canceled, the fee is returned without any interruption. 

Online bus ticket sales increased by 275%!

Yigit Gürocak stated that 88% of the passenger transportation is carried out by highways and that the buses have a great importance in the transportation between the cities. Technology is rapidly transforming the travel sector. In the last 5 years, the number of bus tickets sold on the Internet increased by 275%, while the number of bus tickets sold from online platforms reached 15%. Thanks to the ability to communicate with the customer representatives that provide 24/7 service, secure payment infrastructure and price advantages, we can see that the online opportunities are more clearly understood and the buying behavior of the tickets is digitized rapidly. 

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