Sağlık harcamalarında sınıfta kaldık!

Sağlık harcamalarında sınıfta kaldık!
18 October 2018

We are left behind in health spending!

The health expenditure per capita in our country, despite an increase of 53% in the last 10 years, decreased to 4.2% in national income. £ 6811 per person with health expenditure, Turkey ranks 3rd to last among the 36 OECD countries. 78% of health expenditures are made by public resources, while the rest is from the pocket.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Every year, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to review the Health Statistics Report published by the online insurance sales platform I was collecting data on health spending in Turkey. According to the report; The total annual health expenditure per person per year, which was 4,431 TL in 2007, increased by 53% to 10,811 TL in 10 years. Turkey Despite this increase in health spending of 36 OECD countries between Mexico and the third from the end in front of Latvia, the ratio of health spending to GDP was ranked second to last with 4.2%. Average health expenditures of OECD countries are around 22.800 TL annually.


22% out of the pocket!

According to the investigation of Koalaya, 70% of health expenditures in 36 OECD countries are publicly funded. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Japan are the countries with the highest public health expenditures with rates exceeding 84%. 50% of all health expenditures in Mexico, Chile and the United States, and less than 30% in Switzerland are public expenditures. In Turkey, per capita public resources while providing 78% of the annual health expenditure, 22% of households made by the people of pocket.

We have paid 1,477 TL for health expenditures.

Citizens of direct payments made from their own budgets, My Turkey CEO stating that OECD countries across coincided with the one-fifth of all health spending Bradley Du Chene, "outside the scope of universal health insurance in Turkey last year for the remaining health services, annual per capita average of 1,477 per We paid for our pocket. However, it is possible to reduce extra health expenditures by 70% thanks to complementary health insurance mümkün. Du Chenne stated that the complementary health insurance covered the medical examinations, surgical and internal hospitalizations and physical therapy expenses in the contracted private hospitals which are not within the scope of the general health insurance. He continued: health insurance. Complementary health insurance, which is divided into two as standing and outpatient treatment, can be purchased online 24/7 through 

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