JCI Turkey has won 8 Awards at the JCI European Conference

JCI Turkey has won 8 Awards at the JCI European Conference
24 May 2019

JCI Turkey has won 8 Awards at the JCI European Conference with social responsibility projects.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - 'The 2019 European Conference ’organized by the International Association of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs (JCI) was held on May 8-11, 2019 in Lyon, France with the participation of 1,500 members from 34 European countries. International entrepreneurship contests were organized at the conference organized with the theme of the United Nations Development Goals. JC representing our country at the conference Turkey team won a total of 8 awards in several categories in the awards finals night. Increasing young people's entrepreneurial skills in Turkey, needy children support projects and peace titled short film festival award-winning projects, while JCI prepared to support Turkey's kaçuv "1 hour 1 slot" project 'was chosen Europe's best local project.

The most successful social responsibility projects in Turkey

More young people reach institutional stated that they will focus on social responsibility projects JCI Turkey President Bush in 2019, Erol "Turkey in the 22 branches of our active citizens, as well as training, providing opportunities for the development of young people, we want to contribute to the growth of our country. We reached this year's targets in the middle of the year and most importantly, we have stamped on the European continent with 8 very strong countries. We have preparations for the World Congress, Sırada he said.

JCI Turkey's best national growth and development program between European countries Zodiac also indicate selected Erol "the most important sectors will change our world are NGOs and associations. Increasing the participation of people in civil society is very important for a country. And we succeeded. Member number of our 20% We have increased. this year also Ceren from JCI Izmir branch of social work from the Turkey Farmers 'Europe's best new member' when selecting, in 2018 the 'European and world's best branch and the President' JCI was Beyza Birand with Bahçeşehir. For the first time, a Turkish branch has achieved such success throughout the world. Inde

Turkey's 2019 Awards of JCI Turkey at the "2019 European Conference" 

Best National Growth and Development Program: JCI Turkey Meet Up
Best Long-Term Local Community Program: JCI Culture / 1 Hour 1 Home
Best Local Community Empowerment Program: JCI Culture / Children of the Sun
Best Local Skills Development Program: JCI Bodrum / Children Beceris Academy
Best Local Peace Project: JCI Istanbul / CrossRoads International Short Film
Best Local Project: JCI Culture / 1 Home in 1 Hour
Best New Member: JCI İzmir / Ceren Çiftçi
Best President: JCI Bahçeşehir / Beyza Birand

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