900,000 students from 246 universities are expected to graduate this year!

900,000 students from 246 universities are expected to graduate this year!
22 May 2019

With the approaching of June, the excitement of graduation was especially felt by the university students. Approximately 900,000 students are expected to graduate from higher education institutions this year. According to the research of B2Press, students graduate from undergraduate programs at an average age of 25.3, 30.7 from higher education and 34.9 from doctorate programs. The rate of female academicians is on the rise.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Online PR Agency B2Press, Higher Education Council (YÖK) has examined statistics of these days when we are nearing the end of 2018 and 2019 academic year. students of higher education institutions in Turkey, which analyzes the number of graduates and academics b2press, 155 states and 91 this year in a total of 246 higher education institutions, including foundations announced that it expected to be nearly 900 thousand students graduated. In the light of the figures of the previous year in the light of the data of YÖK; 54% of new graduates are expected to have bachelor's degree, 37% are associate degree, 8% are master's degree and 1% are PhD. When the average graduation age is examined, the associate degree students are graduated 24.5, 25.3 undergraduate, 30.7 graduate and 34.9 years graduate.

The number of associate students in the last 10 years increased by 415%.

According to B2Press's research, the number of students in higher education institutions in Turkey reached 7.740.502 in the 2018-2019 academic year. When the increase in the number of students in universities in the last 10 years is examined: undergraduate students increase by 415% to 2,829,430, undergraduate students increase by 102% to 4,420,699, graduate students increase by 260% to 394,174, and number of PhD students is increased by 169%. A rose.

Ankara University School of Music and Fine Arts students have at least Turkey!

While 92% of the students were registered to state universities, the most crowded university with the influence of the open education faculties was 3.361.273 students of Anadolu University. Anadolu University is followed by Istanbul University with 789.622 students and Atatürk University with 661.260 students. The 66 students with the University of Music and Fine Arts Ankara Turkey at least as university students have come across.

Female academician ratio is rising!

While also teaching staff who work in universities in Turkey b2press, he has announced that the number of lecturers over 10 years has increased by 167 243 to rise 70%. Since 2008, the ratio of male academicians has fallen to 56%, while female academics have reached 44%. While there were 2.456 foreign nationals in our country, 356 academicians and US citizens took the first place. They are followed by 326 Syrian and 323 Iranian instructors.

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