Turkey’s furniture exports have increased by 140% in the last 10 years with the value increase of the special workmanship!

Turkey’s furniture exports have increased by 140% in the last 10 years with the value increase of the special workmanship!
14 May 2019

While China, Germany and Poland stand out as the world's largest exporting countries, Turkey continues to increase its weight in the world market by producing furniture with special workmanship and original design. Exports in the Turkish furniture sector grew 140% in the last 10 years.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - According to data from the World Trade Organization, China is the leader in furniture exports with a share of 32.7%. China, which holds almost a third of the exports in the furniture sector, is followed by Germany with 7.1%, Poland with 6.4%, Italy with 6.2%, Vietnam with 4.8% and USA with 4.8%. . While Turkey ranks # 17 with 1.1% market share. Murat Erat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asortie Mobilya, one of the leading classical furniture brands of our country, said, gelen I believe that in the coming years, special designs produced by hand labor and special work will become more prominent rather than uniform furniture, and that our country will achieve a great growth momentum in the export of furniture.

Fabrication handicraft is gaining value when it comes to furniture!

The hall, which resembles each other in the world, which is densely seen around the world, kitchen, bedroom, office and so on. In contrast to furniture designs, Turkish furniture, knowledge gained from the past and the superior success in classical furniture continue to stand out in the global market. Underlining that the designs in the Turkish furniture sector do not fit into ordinary patterns, Murat Erat said, en The export of the Turkish furniture sector to the fabricated furniture sector has grown by 140% in the last 10 years. Unlike uniform furniture, Turkish furniture has a serious weight in the world.

Stating that the best furniture is designed for comfort and elegance, the Chairman of the Board said, mobil It is a style that we are not accustomed to putting your imagined furniture into certain patterns, and equipping them with the colors that everyone is used to seeing. Especially fabricated furniture design based on disassembled designs, the giant shops are presented with the sample applications are uniform. The sale of similar fabrication designs leads to an increase in the cold places similar to each other, while the satisfaction of consumers does not last long. Especially the classical furniture is designed not from preformed molds, but from the creativity of the designers, historical motifs and expectations. Tarihsel He said that Turkish furniture can come to the forefront with unique designs.

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