Every month 10,000 companies are established in Turkey!

Every month 10,000 companies are established in Turkey!
14 May 2019

High office rents in Besiktas, Levent and Zincirlikuyu reaching $ 25 per square meter, monthly fixed costs like furniture, electricity and the internet, direct thousands of newly established companies to shared offices every month. Shared offices with rental prices starting from 250 TL per month offer a cost advantage of up to 80% compared to physical offices.

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ISTANBUL (TR) - Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), according to the data, the country has a total of 121 460 in 2018, while the first 3 months of 2019, 29 026 new companies were established. The most important need of the companies to be established is the offices. The costs of rent, internet, telephone, withholding, electricity, water, natural gas, dues and cleaning, which should be paid regularly for an office, are a major challenge for newly established companies. By eliminating all these problems, shared offices create an 80% cost advantage compared to physical offices. Stating that those who prefer shared offices save on fixed operational costs, eOfis Chairman Arzu Kalic said, el The establishment processes of newly established companies are often painful. The cost of opening an all-inclusive office in Istanbul exceeds 50 thousand pounds and monthly expenses are added to this. In these difficult times we manage all the processes of the companies' offices and ensure that they focus on their business. By renting a virtual office, they benefit not only from fixed expenses but also from extra services such as reception, meeting room and lounge area.

Possibility of working and meeting at 37 different locations in 10 cities with a single membership.

With 32 thousand square meters of office space across the country, one of Turkey's most important providers EOfis offices in 10 cities in 37 different locations, more than a thousand companies 4 offers office solutions. Stating that he has benefited from many opportunities with a single membership, Arzu Kalic said, ofis You can work in the eOfis area you want with a single shared office membership, regardless of Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin or Gaziantep, and you can use the meeting room and lounge area. In the meeting rooms, we also offer video conferencing, projection, sound system and refreshments free of charge to our guests. In all our locations, we are working to reach the highest customer satisfaction by providing easy access, hygienic working areas and perfect infrastructure in all A Plus plazas. Monthly as we have Turkey's biggest company by answering the call to the office to meet 50 thousand calls, are making a difference to the service we provide in every area, "he said.

”Our goal is to double our number of locations in 3 years“

EOfis established in 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey's short time in most locations, the office was ready company with the most customers. Stating that they continuously invest in infrastructure to improve service quality, Arzu Kalic said, uluslararası Since the day we were founded, we invested 500 thousand dollars in hardware and software infrastructure in order to provide services to our customers at international standards Hizmet. Stating that they aim to serve 10 thousand customers in 70 different locations within 3 years, Arzu Kalic said, iç We will continue to provide the most benefit to our customers in business life by enriching the experience and expertise we have gained so far.

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